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MORDBRAND releasing “Wilt” on Carnal Records

Swedish Death Metal band MORDBRAND will release their new album, “Wilt”, next February 24, via Carnal Records.

“Wilt” was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory, with artwork by Nathalie Ziegler and layout by Łukasz Jaszak. A vinyl LP version of the album is also in the works.

The band shared a few words:

We are very pleased with collaborating with Carnal Records this time around. Not only do we hold the label in such high regard due to their astonishing back catalogue, but we also recognize their professional approach and kinship. This album marks a new beginning for the band and we’ve really taken things up to a new level.

A lyric video for the song ‘Delivering the Gods’ is streaming below:

MEAN STREAK signed with Marquee/Avalon

Swedish Traditional Heavy Metal band MEAN STREAK have signed a three album deal with Japanese label Marquee/Avalon.

MEAN STREAK’s first release through Marquee/Avalon, new album “Blind Faith”, is due to be released on May 31, 2017.

THE MOTH GATHERER releasing a new EP

Sweden’s THE MOTH GATHERER, will release a new EP titled “The Comfortable Low”, next March 31st, via Agonia Records.

The EP will be a nod towards the band’s debut album, “A Bright Celestial Light” (2013) while also having a foot on their more hardcore and electronic side, with a guest appearence from Dennis Lyxzén (Refused/INVSN) and Fred Burman (Satan Takes A Holiday).

Here’s what the band had to say:

After ‘The Earth Is The Sky’ (2015) we felt like we needed to push our limits while not forgetting our roots. Our roots in hardcore and our current interest in electronica made their mark on these two songs, a constant travel through harsh and beautiful soundscapes. The music and lyrics are supposed to feel like painful beauty and to provoke reflection. The themes revolve around an inner search, a way to rise while being pushed down by depression“.


MINDSHIFT – My Revenge (lyric video)

Sweden’s MINDSHIFT have released a new lyric video for the song ‘My Revenge’, with guest vocals from Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork.

‘My Revenge’ is the second single off the band’s latest album “Horizon” which was recently released worldwide via Eclipse Records in 2016.

SUICIDE BY TIGERS – True Believers

Swedish Classic Rockers SUICIDE BY TIGERS have released a new music video for ‘True Believers’, a song taken from their self titled debut album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars) at Berno Studio, Malmö.

You can watch the video below:

ANTARKTIS signed with Agonia Records

Swedish Post-Rock / Metal band ANTARKTIS has signed a record deal with Agonia Records. The band features two full-time members of IN MOURNING, Björn Pettersson and Tobias Netzell (ex-OCTOBER TIDE), both co-founders. The other remaining members are vocalist and bassist Daniel Jansson (IKHON) and drummer Jonas Martinsson (ME THE TIGER, NECROSAVANT). The band is currently working on a debut album.

We are super stoked to announce that we are getting on board with Agonia Records for future collaborations! We have been silent for some time now but we’re working on a full length album and we might have some additional stuff coming up too. Good vibes.

AKTAION – Walrus March

Swedish metallers AKTAION released a new music video for the track ‘Walrus March’.

This song is taken from the band’s second album “The Parade of Nature” that also features Joey Concepcion (Dead By Wednesday, Armageddon).

The video was made by Jens Norén and you can expect an uncensored version to be available later on.

Meanwhile, you can watch the censored version below: