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HE IS LEGEND signed with Spinefarm Records

Spinefarm Records announced that HE IS LEGEND joined the label’s global roster. The band will release its new album and label debut on April 28.

Here’s what the band had to say about joining Spinefarm:

We’re very excited to start a new relationship with people who truly understand this band as a whole. It was really important for us to find the proper home for this record after seeing the tremendous response from our fans during the crowdfunding campaign. We truly believe Spinefarm Records is the best possible partner to help us keep that momentum trending in the right direction. In our eyes, this is the most important He Is Legend record to date and we’re happy that our friends at Spinefarm are going to help us get this album out to the masses.

AMARANTHE – Boomerang

AMARANTHE released a brand new video for the song ‘Boomerang’, taken from their latest album “Maximalism”.

Here’s a few words from guitarist Olof Morck:

It is finally time to release our brand new video for ‘Boomerang’, an Amaranthe take on the classic heist movie! Directed by the legendary Patric Ulleaus, it is everything you have come to expect of an Amaranthe video and much more! Perhaps the most ambitious video from the band so far, it is packed to the brim with action, glitter and glamour – you can try to bring us down, but we’ll come around, like a Boomerang!


WOLFHEART released a new single and video entitled ‘The Flood’.

This is a new single taken from the forthcoming third album “Tyhjyys”, which will be released worldwide, next March, by Spinefarm Records.

Watch the video below:

ROYAL THUNDER announced their new album

Royal Thunder has confirmed that their forthcoming album will be titled ‘WICK’ and the worldwide release scheduled date, via Spinefarm Records, is April 7th.

The band shared a few comments:

WICK is different, a bigger jump as far as our sound goes, but it’s still us, it’s just the sound of Royal Thunder’s evolution. Out of all of the albums, WICK was the hardest one to make. It was a fight, but to hear it now, to see it finished, is so gratifying. Finally it’s over, it’s amazing to be done with it.

SHINING – House of Control

The undisputed leaders of Blackjazz, SHINING, released a new music video for the track ‘House of Control’, taken from their Spinefarm Records debut “International Blackjazz Society”.

Frontman Jørgen Munkeby shared a few words about this new video:

It’s so great to finally have a video for our song ‘House Of Control’, since it means so much to me. Not only are the lyrics very personal, but musically the track was also a bold step into a more varied and melodic landscape. We had no idea how that new direction would work out, but it has ended up being my favorite track off the album. I had so much fun shooting the video, and I’m very happy to present this steaming hot new clip!

GHOST – Square Hammer

I confess that every time GHOST puts out some piece of new music my head starts to spin like some little girl on a low budget horror movie.

The Grammy award winner band has released a new EP entitled “Popestar”, featuring cover songs from such other bands as Echo and the Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco, Eurythmics, and Imperiet, as well as a brand new original track, ‘Square Hammer’!

The video for ‘Square Hammer’ is already taking the internet by storm. Check it out below:


AIRBOURNE released a new music video, this time for the song ‘Rivalry’, taken from the band’s forthcoming studio album, ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’, set to be released on September 23rd via Spinefarm Records.

Frontman Joel O’Keeffe explain the concept about this song:

“The lyric probably came from us watching ‘Football Factory’ or ‘The Firm’, one of those kind of films, and I think at the time there was a big grand prix race on, lots of intense rivalries being reported in the media… plus, as with other songs we’ve done, there’s an aspect here of rock ‘n’ roll taking a stand against those corporate forces that seek to restrict our freedoms, that try to shut down the little live venues, leaving bands with nowhere to really hone their craft…”

Check out the video below: