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HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS – Teenage Graveyard Party EP (2017)


Teenage Graveyard Party EP
(Heavy Baby Records / 2017)

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS! That’s some mouthful of a name if you ever heard one, don’t you agree? It sounds nasty, dirty and slimy. Believe me or not, it fits like a glove to the kind of music these Texans bring to the table. Their press-release mentions something about a new genre I’ve never heard before, Avant-Sludge Punk, but the whole thing actually makes sense!

The whole fuck-it attitude these guys carry captures itself in these four songs and we can rapidly go from a fast sludgy-sounded riff to a more paced, slow and heavy hitting breakdown, delivering not only the grime but also the rage, spit and snot.

From ‘King Midas of Shit’ to ‘Zero One’, this EP showcases some of the different mindsets you can get through the whole HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS experience. Just imagine if Bad Brains, Poison Idea and Electric Wizard had a baby together. This is it! 8/10 [RM]

IRON MONKEY with a new album on Relapse Records

Relapse Records announced the signing of cult UK Doom/Sludge band IRON MONKEY!

IRON MONKEY originally formed in Nottingham (England) in 1994 and released two full-lengths (1997’s self-titled debut and 1998’s “Our Problem”), a live album and a split with Church of Misery before splitting in 1999.

Now, almost two decades later, the band has decided to reform as a trio with co-founding members S. Watson on bass and J. Rushby on guitar/vocals. They’re rounded out by new member S. Briggs (Chaos U.K.,) who also played with original IRON MONKEY vocalist J.P. Morrow in the short-lived sludge supergroup My War.

The band has entered Moot Group studios, in Nottingham, to record a new album with Johnny A. Carter (ex-Pitchshifter). The album will consist of eight tracks plus a cover song and a late summer/early fall release is expected via Relapse Records.

The band shared a few words on the reformation and new material:

We’re older, more cynical, more isolationist. Musically, we’re more aggressive, more focused – a direct assault. We intend to take what is rightfully ours, usurp the scene and then crush its skull.

SUNLIGHT’S BANE release debut album

Blackened Grinders SUNLIGHT’S BANE will release their debut album, “The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried”, on February 17th, via Innerstrength Records.

The band formerly known as TRAITOR, has crafted a sound so inherently dark and repulsive that even the sunlight will withdraw and run from it! Believe me. I’ve heard the beast.

The band is streaming a new song and had this to say about it:

It’s a song not only about the oppression of people, but the worship of oppression and violence from a controlling establishment or force. It is about not only subservience to control, but the attitude of pleasure in it, those individuals who will kiss the boot stomping into their face and apologize for being in its way while convincing themselves this is the way things have always been and will always be.

ODDHUMS release their debut EP

ODDHUMS is a new Stoner Doom band coming from Spain.

They were formed just this year and they’re now releasing their debut EP, “The Inception”, containing four tracks that move between stoner-doom, post-rock/metal, grunge and sludge ambient.

The EP was recorded and mastered by Kike Gutiérrez at Black Bunker Records Studios and artwork was done by Procesonegro Art Studios.


EVEN VAST joins Sleazy Rider Records

Sleaszy Rider Records signed a deal with the British/Italian Doom/Sludge metallers EVEN VAST.

After their last album back in 2007, the band relocated in UK, changed its line-up and also changed their music style going more into a Sludge Rock direction, rather than the Gothic Metal sound they were playing.

Right now, the band is busy recording and mixing at NoiseBoy studios (Manchester, England), and soon enter Major Oak Audio Mastering studio (Nottingham, England) for the mastering process of their new album, entitled “Warped Existence”.

The release date for the album is scheduled for September 2016 and also the back catalogue (re-mastered with bonuses) will be released some time this year through Sleazy Rider: “Teach Me How To Bleed” (+ bonus live tracks), ”Hear Me Out” (+ bonus live tracks) and ”Where The Trees Still Speak” (+ unreleased tracks).

HELHORSE – Hell Of A Ride

Danish Sludge Rock ensemble, HELLHORSE, are getting ready to unleash their third album next May 13th.

Recorded at GainFactory Studios by Jakob Gundel , mixed by Lior Goldenberg and mastered by famed Maor Appelbaum in California, “Helhorse” will be released worldwide through Spinefarm Records.

The Danes recently shared the video for the leading single track ‘Hell Of A Ride’:

COFFINS and ILSA releasing a split EP

Japanese legends COFFINS and Baltimore’s (USA) own ILSA have announced a new split release out on Relapse Records.

This double dose of cross-continental Death Doom Sludge is set for worldwide release on LP and Digital format this 26th February.

The COFFINS’ track, ‘Tyrant’, is streaming at Decibel’s. Click here to listen.