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NORD – killing me, killing you

Alternative Rock band NORD released a music video for the song ‘Killing Me, Killing You’, the third single taken from Nord’s debut album, “Play Restart”, which will be out next April 21st, via Geenger Records.

The band stated:

Filming of the music video itself was extremely exhausting as it was being filmed full 24 hours in one take – from 11am to 11am the next day with Mihael acting in daylight scenes and Eni acting in night scenes.

The idea of the music video was inspired by Mihael’s lyrics about two people who can’t seem to find a mutual path and have to separate just so they wouldn’t ‘destroy’ each other. That’s exactly how the unique idea for this music video came to life, in the same time switching between day and night scenes referring to a search for a new path.

MADJIVE shared new album teaser

Rock / Punk band MADJIVE will release their new album “Business First” this coming March. Meanwhile, they’ve shared a video teaser of the new album:

AS IT IS – Okay (2017)


(Fearless Records / 2017)

This UK band has been in a few pages and magazine covers since they released their debut album, “Never Happy, Ever After” back in 2015. They even toured the other side of the pond (for those playing at home, the good old U.S. of A) as part of the Vans Warped Tour. That’s really not bad for any band around, if you ask me.

But, although they sound exactly how you’d expect them to sound when faced with the Pop/Punk/Rock signature, there’s always that itchy annoying feeling that you’ve heard this band before and you don’t really know who to blame for that. I’m always tempted to put all the heat on the band itself because, you know, there may be a million bands out there and you can be influenced by all of them but, please, try to put something more of you in the songs you take to studio, to help uneducated pseudo-writers like myself distance themselves from thinking they’re listening to a new New Found Glory album or something that Fall Out Boy may take a swing at.

I know, I know. Their job is not to make mine easier. I get that. And maybe it’s really my own fault that I don’t get that many kicks from these kind of records anymore. Maybe it’s just me getting older or maybe, while listening to “Okay”, I just missed some stand out moments that could convince me that this album is way better than just okay. 6/10 [RM]

CRNKSHFT releasing a new EP

CRNKSHFT announced they’ll be releasing their new self-titled EP, produced by Daren Grahn (Metallica, Hedley, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) next March 24, 2017, to follow their 2015 debut ‘Hard Fucking Rock’.

The band commented on the EP:

Our new EP is a beast; we are really excited to showcase our melodic side. The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We’re accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of CRNKSHFT’s music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.

Stream the track ‘Old Habits’ below:

SUICIDE BY TIGERS – True Believers

Swedish Classic Rockers SUICIDE BY TIGERS have released a new music video for ‘True Believers’, a song taken from their self titled debut album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars) at Berno Studio, Malmö.

You can watch the video below:

CODE streaming a new track from “Lost Signal” EP

Progressive Black Metal/Rock band CODE have released another new track from their imminent EP “Lost Signal”, due out on the 27th of January via Agonia Records.

Below you can stream the song ‘Affliction’

DAMNED PILOTS signed with Sliptyrick Records (new album out soon)

DAMNED PILOTS announced the release of their new album, “Overgalaxy”, via Sliptrick Records due to be available sometime next Winter.

“Overgalaxy” is a Steam Punk concept album, as explained by drummer/founder Don Nutz:

It is built on the story of four cartoon characters, The Damned Pilots Don Nutz, Sgt Ote, Willer Hertz and Erik Space. They travel through space in the year 2500 A.C. on a 1970 ‘s hippy van customized to fight against their archenemy Gorguss and his evil empire”.

The album has been recorded at Track Terminal Studio in Trieste, Italy by Francesco Bardy, except ‘Just Another Day’, ‘People Don’t Die’ at Voodoosound Studios in Ijmuiden, Holland by Paul van Rijswijk.

“Overgalaxy” was produced by Ron Goudie (Gwar, Death Angel, Poison) and mixed and mastered by legendary producer Bill Metoyer (W.A.S.P., Trouble, Slayer) as the artwork (due to be revealed soon) has been made by Philipino artist Uzi Emperado.