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MADJIVE shared new album teaser

Rock / Punk band MADJIVE will release their new album “Business First” this coming March. Meanwhile, they’ve shared a video teaser of the new album:

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS – Teenage Graveyard Party EP (2017)


Teenage Graveyard Party EP
(Heavy Baby Records / 2017)

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS! That’s some mouthful of a name if you ever heard one, don’t you agree? It sounds nasty, dirty and slimy. Believe me or not, it fits like a glove to the kind of music these Texans bring to the table. Their press-release mentions something about a new genre I’ve never heard before, Avant-Sludge Punk, but the whole thing actually makes sense!

The whole fuck-it attitude these guys carry captures itself in these four songs and we can rapidly go from a fast sludgy-sounded riff to a more paced, slow and heavy hitting breakdown, delivering not only the grime but also the rage, spit and snot.

From ‘King Midas of Shit’ to ‘Zero One’, this EP showcases some of the different mindsets you can get through the whole HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS experience. Just imagine if Bad Brains, Poison Idea and Electric Wizard had a baby together. This is it! 8/10 [RM]

AS IT IS – Okay (2017)


(Fearless Records / 2017)

This UK band has been in a few pages and magazine covers since they released their debut album, “Never Happy, Ever After” back in 2015. They even toured the other side of the pond (for those playing at home, the good old U.S. of A) as part of the Vans Warped Tour. That’s really not bad for any band around, if you ask me.

But, although they sound exactly how you’d expect them to sound when faced with the Pop/Punk/Rock signature, there’s always that itchy annoying feeling that you’ve heard this band before and you don’t really know who to blame for that. I’m always tempted to put all the heat on the band itself because, you know, there may be a million bands out there and you can be influenced by all of them but, please, try to put something more of you in the songs you take to studio, to help uneducated pseudo-writers like myself distance themselves from thinking they’re listening to a new New Found Glory album or something that Fall Out Boy may take a swing at.

I know, I know. Their job is not to make mine easier. I get that. And maybe it’s really my own fault that I don’t get that many kicks from these kind of records anymore. Maybe it’s just me getting older or maybe, while listening to “Okay”, I just missed some stand out moments that could convince me that this album is way better than just okay. 6/10 [RM]


Crust/Rock‘n’Roll veterans MALIGNANT TUMOUR have recently released their sixth full-length album, “The Metallist”.

Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, in Germany, this new record features 11 new tracks and is available through Unrest Records on the following formats: digipak CD, tape and vinyl (black, blue and red).

On the diehard versions of the album, the metalbox CD and vinyl picture LP, it features a bonus track which is a tribute to the grandfather of heavy rock’n’roll, Lemmy, from Motörhead.

Check out their latest video below:

HEREZA – Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna

Croatian Death Metal Punk duo, HerezA, has recently signed to Godz ov War Productions aiming for the release of their sophomore album entitled “I Become Death”. Expect a slab of Swedish death metal in vein of Entombed or Dismember with a punk attitude.

With the purpose of offering a small taste of “I Become Death”, expected to be released in 2017, the band is streaming a music video for the track ‘Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna’.

Check it out below:

DOLL SKIN – Let’s Be Honest

DOLL SKIN, is an all female hard/punk band based in Phoenix (USA) who just got their debut album released.

“In Your Face (Again)” was produced David Ellefson, from the mighty Megadeth, and is available via EMP Label Group, from April 15th.

Below you can check the brand new video for the song ‘Let’s Be Honest’:

THE SHRINE – Coming Down Quick

When you read someone describing a band as “Jimi Hendrix on a skateboard” you just can’t help it but to check it out. There’s no other way around it.

So, here you go, have a look at THE SHRINE presenting their song ‘Coming Down Quick’, the opening track from “Rare Breed”, released on tape via Tankcrimes: