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[video] GLORYHAMMER – Rise Of The Chaos Wizards

Check out below the new video from GLORYHAMMER, ‘Rise Of The Chaos Wizards’, taken from their upcoming album, “Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards”! The whole thing has aliens, heroes, holograms playing fierce guitar solos and, well, wizards…

[video] THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR – Nothing Stands Obscure

‘Nothing Stands Obscure’, the latest video from THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR has just been released. The song is taken from the Colorado’s fifth album, simply entitled “V”. Watch it below:

[news] VARG signed with Napalm Records

Napalm Records recently announced the signing of Coburg (Germany) natives VARG, who have been crafting their Viking Metal sound since 2005! The band has already released four full-length albums and is ready to unleash the fifth, “Das Ende aller Lügen”, on their new Napalm Records home.

Check out a small teaser for the new album below:

[video] POWERWOLF – Out In The Fields (lyric video)

The new lyric video coming from POWERWOLF’s lair is a rendition of the Gary Moore classic ‘Out In The Fields’, taken from tribute album “Metallum Nostrum”, a ten track bonus release which sees its way into the streets alongside the next upcoming full-length from the German band, “Blessed & Possessed”, out July 17th on Napalm Records!

Like most of us, I began listening to metal when I was 11 years old. Later I discovered Thin Lizzy, who just like Iron Maiden – had a big influence on me. I still love to spin Gary Moore’s records while having a good glass of wine. Also his blues phases were genius!” Roel Van Helden (drums)

[video] SISTEMA SANGRIA – Maicon do Sertão (lyric video)

Here’s a lyric video from Brazilians SISTEMA SANGRIA who will have their self titled debut album released on CD for the first time, after the initial vinyl pressing. Aside from the songs on the vinyl release, this reissue will have their songs from a 4-way split and their contribution for the Ratos de Porão tribute and Nitrominds tribute.

[video] ALUNAH – Awakening The Forest (lyric video)

Birmingham has spawned a good handful of Heavy Metal legends and masters, but that doesn’t mean the place has stopped production when it comes to heavy riffs and meaningful music to us all. Enter ALUNAH and their third full-length album, “Awakening The Forest”, released on Napalm Records last year. Below you can watch the lyric video for the title song from that same record:

[video] CAVALERA CONSPIRACY – Not Losing The Edge (lyric video)

The Cavalera brothers are back with a new album from their CAVALERA CONSPIRACY endeavor and word on the street is that it sounds pretty great! Check out the lyric video for the song ‘Not Losing The Edge’, taken from “Pandemonium” and judge for yourselves: