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BLUTRINĂ announced album release date

Timisoara (Romania) based Grind band BLUTRINĂ announced the 23rd of September as the scheduled date for the release of their anticipated debut album titled “Looney Fuckin’ Grind”, out on Loud Rage Music.

The album features 18 nonconformist tracks recorded at Consonance Studio in the band’s hometown, and is portrayed by artwork of talented local artist Sebastian Stancu.

BLUTRINĂ announced album release date 2

BLUTRINA signs with Loud Rage Music

Hailing from Timisoara, Romania, and sponsoring the banner of Looney Tunes Grind, BLUTRINĂ recently announced they’ve sign with Loud Rage Music, who is going to release their long anticipated debut album titled “Looney Fuckin’ Grind”.

The album features 18 brutal, funny and nonconformist tracks recorded at Consonance Studio in the band’s hometown and the release date is scheduled for next September through Loud Rage Music.

Below you can stream the tracks ‘Morphing In Vitro’ and ‘I Know Something I Won’t Tell’:

FALSE REALITY advances track from “End Of Eternity” album

Romanian Melodic Death Metal band FALSE REALITY unveiled ‘The Silence Within’, the first advanced song from their debut album, “End of Eternity”, scheduled to be released this Autumn via Loud Rage Music.

The album is described as an emotional, atmospheric, while at the same time intense and abrasive incursion into the band’s own reality through seven long tracks that will be the perfect for fans of Amorphis, Orphaned Land or Moonspell.

Stream ‘The Silence Within’ below:


Romania based Melodic Death Metal band FALSE REALITY have reached a deal with Loud Rage Music for the release of their long-waited debut album, End of Eternity! The release is scheduled for Autumn 2016 when the band is also planning a series of concerts in order to promote the album.

If your a fan of old Amorphis, Orphaned Land and Moonspell, you should expect something right up your alley. Emotional, atmospheric, and at the same time intense and abrasive.

INDIAN FALL announce line-up changes

One of the most experienced Romanian Black Metal bands, INDIAN FALL, announced some major line-up changes with both guitarists being replaced for different reasons.

Radu Barna has decided to focus more on his other band, The Thirteenth Sun, and Ciprian Costas has to leave the country for a some time.

Replacements have already been arranged with John (Code Red, Perseverance, ex LNDH) and Alinesku (W3 4R3 NUM83R5, ex Deliver the God) delivering their six-string services as the band continues to work on their upcoming album scheduled for release on Loud Rage Music later on this year.

The band has recently released a new track and video. You can listen to ‘Neregasire’ streaming below:

TRAGACANTH new album “Anthology of the East” now streaming in full

Loud Rage Music recently signed TRAGACANTH for the release of the Dutch Extreme Metal newcomers debut album and scheduled March 4th for the official CD release. Meanwhile, pre-orders are now available at this location

“Anthology Of The East” presents 44 minutes of Symphonic, Technical, Melodic Black and Death Metal, divided in 8 tracks and comes recommended to fans of Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren, Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse or Hecate Enthroned!

You can now listen to the full album preview below, courtesy of TRAGACANTH and LOUD RAGE MUSIC:


Loud Rage Music recently announced it has reached a deal with Dutch Extreme Metal newcomer band TRAGACANTH!

TRAGACANTH is a black/death metal band with symphonic influences and despite coming from the heart of the Netherlands, their songs tell of ancient Babylonian tales and times.

TRAGACANTH and Loud Rage Music have agreed on the CD version release of the band’s debut album, “Anthology of the East”, scheduled for the 4th of March 2016.

You can stream the lyrics video for the track ‘Edimmu’ below: