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POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION signs to Comatose Music

Comatose Music proudly announced the signing of POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION to their growing ranks.

This Italian trio comprised of musicians from Devangelic, Natrium and Xenomorphic Contamination was formed in 2014 and was originally intended as a studio project only.

Inspired by the likes of Suffocation, Disavowed and Deeds of Flesh, the band is currently hard at work composing its debut full length, “Transcending Embodiment”, which is planned for release in early 2018.

To celebrate the occasion, the band released their first-ever track, ‘Crafting Life’! Check it out below:

BLACK PROPAGANDA announced a new line-up

Italian Thrash Metal band BLACK PROPAGANDA announced that Edoardo “Irmin” Iacono (also member of Gotland and Misteyes) joined the band as their new singer.

The new line-up will be officially presented live in the next few months in an Italian mini-tour with the bands Coram Lethe and Black Obsession.

BRUTAL PROPAGANDA will soon announce some updates on the production of the new album that follows “Psychological Subjection” (released in 2014 under the label Nadir Music).

GORY BLISTER working on a new album

After releasing their fifth album, “The Fifth Fury”, back in 2014, Italian Death metal band GORY BLISTER recently renewed their line-up when bass player Fabiano Andreacchio joined the ranks.

The band has also begun the work on their new album, untitled as yet, scheduled to be released by the end of 2017, via Sliptrick Records.


REAPTER – Useless

Italian Thrash Metal / Prog band REAPTER released a new lyric video, entitled ‘Useless’! This is a track taken from the album “Cymatics”, which  was released last September 23rd, 2016, via Revalve records.

The band explains the concept behind ‘Useless’:

Someone escapes from his country where he is oppressed and pushed to flee to another country where the same things happen, even worse. In the end, he finds out that the only option is to come back his own country and create his own promised land there.


THE DRIP announced new album “The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability”


Grindcore band THE DRIP announced the release of their debut full-length, “The Haunting Fear of Inevitability”.

The album was produced by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust and mastered by Brad Boatright (Skeletonwitch, Gatecreeper, Weekend Nachos), and fuses elements of Crust, Powerviolence, D-Beat, and Grind.

You can stream a new song, ‘Painted Ram’, below:

CODE to release new EP “Lost Signal” in January


Progressive Black Metal band CODE will release a new EP titled “Lost Signal”, next January 25th, via Agonia Records.

The idea behind this new EP was to re-visit past works and present them in a different perspective.

“Lost Signal” features three songs from their most recent album “Mut” (2015), it also features three other songs, one from each of the first three albums performed in a more subtle and introspective style similar to what the band has presented in “Mut”.

There’s a video trailer for this release streaming below:

A DESECRATE song will be featured in a new slasher movie


DESECRATE’s song ‘Nevermore’, from their latest album, “Orpheus”, will be featured in a new horror gothic slasher movie, entitled STRIDOR. The film will come out in late January/early February 2017.

The band commented:

“We are proud to announce that our piece ‘Nevermore’ was choosen for the Ildo Brizi and Andrea Lionetti’s new movie STRIDOR, directed by Ildo Brizi.
DESECRATE is going to be engaged with a small part in this Horror Gothic Slasher movie and from this cooperation will be extracted the new videoclip that will come out at the beginning of 2017, when the promotional activity of the band will continue, they also will be committed in several dates abroad.”

Greyhaze Records to reissue “Phantasmagoria” from THE MIST


Greyhaze Records announced the forthcoming reissue of THE MIST’s “Phantasmagoria” album on February 3, 2017.

The Brazilian Thrash band originally released this album in 1989. Featuring the influential vocals of Vladmir Korg (original singer of CHAKAL) and the pure thrash fury for which Brazil is known, “Phantasmagoria” will now get a proper worldwide release on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette formats.

HEAVENS DECAY releasing debut album in December


Next December 12, Chaos Records will release “The Great Void of Mystery”, the debut album from NWOBHM-inspired Heavy Metal band HEAVENS DECAY, Led by Julio Viterbo (Tormentor, Shub Niggurath, Cenotaph, The Chasm).

“The Great Void Of Mystery” was recorded in Chicago’s Minbal studios. The album was engineered by Matt Russell and mastered by Dan Swanö in Unisound studios (Sweden). Chaos Records will release the album on CD and digital formats.

You can listen to the track ‘The Exile’, streaming below:


HERETIC’S DREAM is an Italian progressive Rock/Metal band that just released a new video for the song ‘My Epiphany‘, taken from their album “Floating State Of Mind”, which was released earlier this year.

The song is about the consciousness of a woman that strength she has been always looking for within the others must be found inside herself; that she needs to go on her own following her way.

The video was directed by Adriano Giotti and you can watch it below:

VIDEO UPDATES: Woslom, Bark, Weakless Machine, The Mugshots, Chariots Of the Gods

WOSLOM – Underworld of Aggression


Brazillian Thrashers WOSLOM have a new video for the track ‘Underworld of Aggression’, a song from their latest album “A Near Life Experience”.

The video was shot during their last European tour with performances in Germany, Russia and Switzterland. Some shots from the Maximus Fest were also included.

Check out the video below:

BARK – All Hell Breaks Loose


Belgium’s Metal beasts BARK released their debut full-length album (“Voice Of Dog”) way back in January, but if you let that said record went by your radar then have a look at their video for the track ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ and see what these guys are all about!

WEAKLESS MACHINE – Tarred With The Same Brush


Their debut album is almost upon us, but first things first, WEAKLESS MACHINE (Brazil) released a new video for the track ‘Tarred with the Same Brush’.

Check it out below:

THE MUGSHOTS – Introitus / The Circus / Rain


A new music video from THE MUGSHOTS has been released, directed by canadian director/producer Vince D’Amato from Creepy Six Films / Brivido Giallo.

The band will have some of its songs featured in the soundtrack for the new movie entitled “Valley Of The Rats”, to be released in 2017.



CHARIOTS OF THE GODS shared a new lyric video for the track ‘Resurrection’, in support of their new album “Ages Unsung”, which was released this past September.

The band commented on ‘Resurrection’:

For the third lyric video, we thought “Resurrection” could be a great addition to our series of singles. The song talks about the rising of beasts ready to set the world ablaze. With the US elections having passed, we felt the themes can somewhat be connected. We went into new territories with this one, but we’re really proud of the turnout. We hope you will enjoy it!