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HEROIC to release new album “Barbár”

Hungarian Epic Pagan Death Metal HEROIC announced the release of their sophomore album, “Barbár”, with 10 brand new songs, two of them sung in Hungarian. The lyrics are inspired by C. G. Jung and reflect the development of the collective barbaric mind of the humanity.

The album is streaming below:

SIN OF GOD presents new album “Aenigmata”

Inspired by the occult writings of Alchemy and the dissection of the faith in mankind, “Aenigmata” is the new album from Hungary’s Death Metal band SIN OF GOD.

With a close kinship with bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation, Nile, Behemoth, Krisiun and the likes, in terms of the way their music sounds, this album blends Traditional Death Metal and Brutal/Technical Death Metal.

SIN OF GOD was formed in 2004 in the city of Ambrózfalva (Hungary). They’ve played many shows within the Hungarian borders and did their first European tour in 2016 with Portuguese band Holocausto Canibal.

You can listen to one of the songs from “Aenigmata” streaming below:

GUTTED signs with Xtreem Music

GUTTED, Brutal Death Metal band from Hungary, have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 4th full length album which is actually in recording process and will be entitled “Martyr Creation”. Release date for the new album will be set once the band finishes their recording sessions.

INSANE releases new album

Budapest Melodic Metalcore band INSANE will release their 6th album, entitled “ERR”, next April 4th, via EDGE Records / Hammer Music! The album was already featured as a gift with the latest issue of HammerWorld Magazine.

“ERR” was mixed and mastered in Denmark by Chris Kreutzfeldt. A couple of special guests also appear in the new album, such as the ex-singer Molnár Bálint and Kollektív Alternatív Zenei Műhely children choir.

The first video taken from the new album is ‘To Err Is Human and you can watch it below:

OSSIAN to release their 21st album in April

“Fényárban És Félhomályban” is the follow-up album after “Lélekerő” (2015) in OSSIAN’s long history, one that’s celebrating its 30th anniversary.

This is going to be their 21st album and has a scheduled release date for next April 4th, via Hammer Records / Hammer Music.

An official album teaser has been shared on Youtube, so you can check that below:


Hungarian Folk Metal band DALRIADA unveiled their new video for the song ‘Áldás’, taken from their latest album with the same title.

Ficzek András vocalist, guitarist and band leader shared a few words about the new video and Dalriada’s future plans:

Our new album was released in September 2015 and at the same time entered the MAHASZ charts. During that autumn / winter we recorded our new video as well for the title song ‘Áldás’. The crew was Mihaszna Film. They also made our previous video, ‘A Dudás’. Both concept and design are the work of Nagy Viktor who brought nothing less than wonderful professionalism and creativity to the co-operation. We are planning a new video, to be shot this spring for the song ‘Moldvageddon’.  We are going to use mainly snapshots and short video scenes recorded on tour in 2015. This will be a backstage kind of video.

[review] NECROSODOMY / GRAVECRUSHER – eternal mutilation (split tape 2014)

NECROSODOMY + GRAVECRUSHER - eternal mutilation (split tape) 2014

Eternal Mutilation (split tape)
(Caverna Abismal Records – 2014)

This is a wonderful piece of underground awesomeness! Our friends at Caverna Abismal are releasing this split tape, featuring NECROSODOMY and GRAVECRUSHER, two bands coming from Szeged (Hungary) and both playing old-school death metal but with distinct influences in the way they sound, even with both bands sharing two of its members. This split tape is the reissue of both bands first demos, together on just one release.

Let’s start with the songs delivered by GRAVECRUSHER. These are three death metal front kicks to your teeth, fast when they need to be and slowing down at all the right times you need to catch your breath, until the next batch of fury unleashes upon you. I really can’t pick out a favorite song, because they all have something I really appreciate and I think they have this slower/faster thing well figured out. I can hear these songs over and over and they never get old or boring. The riffs are awesome and the drumming is spot on great! They have a new EP out and I’m also getting that one.

Now, let’s get to NECROSODOMY’s contribution to this split. The first thing noticeable as soon as ‘Eternal Darkness’ start to play is how close they sound to a Swedish band. I mean, they have that old Entombed/Dismember thing going on, which can only mean good things, if they manage to keep their own ideas above the emulation of past glories. Their second track featured here, ‘Morbid Incarnation’, got more playing time mainly because it’s a very in-your-face kind of song, fast and hard-hitting. These guys still haven’t released anything past these two songs, but if something new gets out there, I can see myself spending some silver with them.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]