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ATREIDES – Caminante

ATREIDES shared a lyric video for the song ‘Caminante’, a track taken from their upcoming new album “Neopangea”.

If you’re into Power and Classic Heavy metal, the album will be available next March 17th, via Suspiria Records.

Watch the video below:

MEAN STREAK signed with Marquee/Avalon

Swedish Traditional Heavy Metal band MEAN STREAK have signed a three album deal with Japanese label Marquee/Avalon.

MEAN STREAK’s first release through Marquee/Avalon, new album “Blind Faith”, is due to be released on May 31, 2017.

MIND ASSASSIN – The Pay Off (2015)


The Pay Off
(Alone Records / 2015)

You can tell I’m a little behind on my review schedule when you start to see releases like MIND ASSASSIN’s EP only getting its well deserved written mention at this point. It took a while to get here, but better late than never, I guess.

This band was formed back in 2008 and this is their only release to date, thanks to Alone Records from Greece, whose support to the Heavy Metal cause has given us many good records in these past couple years.

“The Pay Off” is a pretty solid effort from a band that knows how to balance the somewhat traditional sound of American Heavy Metal with a slower feeling that can bring to mind those brief years in Black Sabbath, when neither Ozzy or Dio were present or, for that matter, some of the more recent work from Candlemass. But, althought the whole EP keeps itself within a safe distance from the flashy and sometimes exagerated clicks that we so often find in these kind of bands, the general feeling is that of band who can hold his own in case of being called upon the Higher Court of Heavy Metal Goodness.

They may not be that fancy or exquisite, but MIND ASSASSIN were able to cut a good debut here, with solid tracks and an overall good heavy vibe. 6/10 [RM]


LIGHTNING STRIKES have recently shared a music video for the song ‘Our Lady’, taken from their eponymous debut album which was released last November 18th, 2016, via Germany’s PURE LEGEND RECORDS, a division of PURE STEEL RECORDS.

‘Our Lady’ is LIGHTNING STRIKES’ nod to Rock’n’Roll Hall of Famers DEEP PURPLE, one of drummer/founding member Karpis Maksudian’s main influences and long time favorite bands:

I grew up in Yerevan, Armenia during the Soviet era and there was no Western music available in stores at the time and very few people had actual Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath records. I think it was in 1974 when one of my relatives came to visit from Beirut and brought with him a mixed tape of rock songs. The first song on that tape was a live version of ‘Black Night’ and that was it for me.  My world instantly and completely changed forever.  From that day on I kept bugging my father to buy me a used copy of ‘Made In Japan’ which cost 300 Rubles on the black market. Mind you, an ordinary worker in the USSR was making 120 Rubles a month at the time! I’ve been a huge Deep Purple fan ever since and own all their albums.


Japanese Heavy Metallers SOLITUDE released a new lyric video for the track ‘Blow’.

This track comes off the band’s third album, “Reach For The Sky”, that was issued in Japan in 2015 by Spiritual Beast and follows 2009’s “Brave The Storm” (Spiritual Beast) and 2001’s “Virtual Image” (Spiritual Beast).

Watch the video below:

FORSAKEN AGE release new EP on Metal Hell Records

FORSAKEN AGE is Traditional Heavy Metal band, from Auckland (New Zealand), and formed in 2009.

Their debut album, “Back From Exctinction”, was released back in 2012 and now, January 2017 will see the worldwide release of their newest EP, “Vengeance of the Slain”, via Metal Hell Records on CD and digital formats.



BLIZZARD HUNTER have released their third music video from their latest album, “Heavy Metal to the Vein”, released last Summer on Pure Underground Records.

Check out the video below: