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FOUL BODY AUTOPSY streaming a new track

One man band FOUL BODY AUTOPSY is streaming the first full track from the forthcoming EP “Perpetuated By Greed”, out next February 26th on Grindscene Records and Comatose Music.

The track is called ‘Destabilized Perception’ and you can stream it below, right after you read a few words from Tom Reynolds, the man behind FOUL BODY AUTOPSY:

This song is based on a short film of the same name by Adam Curtis. The filmmaker behind cerebral political documentaries Century Of The Self (2002) and The Power Of Nightmares (2005). The film and the song are about the contradictory vaudeville of post-modern politics


MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS is a Grind / Crust band based in Lahore (Pakistan), formed back in 2011. They are considered pioneers in the Pakistani Grind / HC Punk Scene and have become an influential act in South Asia, after the release of their EP “Jamat-Al-Maut” (trans: Congregation Of Death).

UNORTHODOX was an extreme metal event that took place at Lahore featuring other local bands like Irritum, Terminus Est and Takatak.

The setlist of Multinational Corporations was shot on an old handy camera, giving it a similar atmosphere as the old garage punk shows, and featured a surpride cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Dethroned Emperor’.

Check the video below:

Watch a video trailer for the upcoming DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION + DIE CHOKING tour

French Grinders DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION posted a video trailer for their upcoming tour with Philadelphia’s DIE CHOKING.

Watch the trailer and check out the tour dates below:

Feb 12 : PARIS @ Le Buzz (FR)
Feb 13 : ROUBAIX @ Bar Live (FR)
Feb 14 : LONDON @ Unicorn (UK)
Feb 15 : BRISTOL @ Red Lion (UK)
Feb 16 : NEWCASTLE @ Northumberland (UK)
Feb 17 : PRESTON @ The Adelphi (UK)
Feb 18 : NOTTHINGHAM @ The Old Angel (UK)
Feb 19 : NANTES @ DeathFist Fest (FR)
Feb 20 : CLERMONT FERRAND @ Raymond Bar (FR)
Feb 21 : TOULOUSE @ Les Pavillons Sauvages (FR)
Feb 22 : SAINT ETIENNE @ Thunderbird Lounge (FR)
Feb 23 : MAYENCE @ Haus Mainush (DE)
Feb 24 : CHEMNITZ @ Sanitätstelle (DE)
Feb 25 : TÜBINGEN @ Epplehaus (DE)
Feb 26 : BERN @ Cafete (CH)
Feb 27 : SAINT DIZIER @ Black Box (FR)

Watch a video trailer for the upcoming DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION + DIE CHOCKING tour

NOISEM: new album coming out in May on A389 Recordings

The second album from Baltimore’s NOISEM is expected to hit the streets next May, out on A389 Recordings. Picking up where “Agony Defined” (2013) left off, the new album entitled “Blossoming Decay” offers 9 brand new songs, recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations), mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)and with artwork by Billy Carnes!

Watch a short trailer previewing the new album below:

SIMBIOSE playing 3 shows in England next month

Portuguese crust metal kings SIMBIOSE will be playing 3 shows in England next month, included in the release tour of their new album, “Trapped”! Watch out for those shows and listen to ‘Ignorância Colectiva’ below, a song taken from from the new album:

SIMBIOSE playing 3 shows in England next month

HELLCRAWLER / WÖLFE – The End of Humanity split 12” LP (2014)


HELLCRAWLER / WÖLFE – The End of Humanity split 12” LP
(The End of Humanity Records – 2014)

Two bands from very different backgrounds delivered in this split LP, with Slovenians HELLCRAWLER fueling some European death n’ roll metallic crust, as they call it, and WÖLFE coming straight from Australia and pounding four songs of grind injected powerviolence madness with vocals on the verge of being labeled as insane screaming!

HELLCRAWLER force their way with three songs, one of them being, ‘Green Machine’, a cover from the Kyuss stable, not the first band you would think a band such as this would cover, but they do a pretty good job turning that song into something dirtier and more suitable to the crust influenced death metal found on ‘Zombie Crawlers’ and ‘Overthrown Paradise’!

WÖLFE are just plain mad and the best way I can try to describe this aussie band is if you put Impaled Nazarene and some Japanese hardcore bands alone in one room and closed the door for about two weeks, adding a Tasmanian devil with a microphone, just to see what they come up with! They’re fast and relentless and, as I said before, the screaming vocals may lead you to believe that the insanity levels are way up there on the scale! Sometimes they sound purely grindcore, sometimes they showcase blackened guitar riffs, most of the times they’re pushing things to different places! HELLCRAWLER are closer to the type of crusted goodies I’m more into, but WÖLFE is definitely a band I want to get to know more.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[video] BITTERNESS EXHUMED – ripe trauma

We really don’t need much of a set up to show you this video from Germany’s BITTERNESS EXHUMED other than to tell you it comes from their new 12″ EP “Desperate and Miserable” due for release on a quartet of labels: Ecocentric Records, Demons Run Amok Entertainment, WOOAAARGH and Dark Omen!

Check it out and engage the trauma: