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Check out ‘Sermão’, the latest video for the Brazilian band FEARTONE, taken from their EP entitled “Vícios” (download for free here)

The video was directed by Diogo Araújo, from Under Control Filmes, who already has done some work for Almah and Perc3ption.

Stream the video below:

Portuguese Metal compilation available for free download

There’s a new free compilation available online, featuring 17 Portuguese metal bands and tracks. The whole thing was put together by Dico, author of the book “A Brief History Of Portuguese Metal”, who has recently released a new version of that same book, with new contents, photos, notes and years covered.

Download the free compilation “A Brief History Of Portuguese Metal – Infernal Soundtrack” at this location: http://dico-bhmp.weebly.com/compilaccedilatildeo-bhmp—banda-sonora-infernal.html

If you want to know more about the book, contact this email: livrobhmp@yahoo.com

Portuguese Metal compilation available for free download 01

MARTRIDEN: download title track from latest album

MARTRIDEN are offering fans a free download of the title track from their most recent album “Cold And Silence”, released last November, to follow their previous releases “Encounter The Monolith” (2010) and “The Unsettling Dark” (2007).

The track is one of seven off the full length and each one deals with telling a story and theme about the insignificance of human life compared to the vast entirety of the universe.

‘Cold And Silence’ free download: https://martriden.bandcamp.com/track/cold-and-the-silence

AKHENATEN show how debut album’s artwork was done

Middle Eastern Black / Death metal project  AKHENATEN shared a video online depicting the time-lapse of their debut album “Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla” artwork being done by artist Diamond Starr Austin.

You can watch the whole thing below:

Meanwhile, the band is still offering fans a free download of their track ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’  from the debut album, which was released via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy) along with Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia)

Download the track here: https://akhenatenmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ninurta-the-fall-of-anzu

AKHENATEN Offer Free Download ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’

AKHENATEN is a Middle Eastern black/death metal project created in 2012 by the Houseman brothers as a side hobby to their full time band HELLEBORUS.

With all music arranged by Jerred and vocals done by his brother Wyatt, the duo are offering fans a free download of their track ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’ from their recently released debut album “Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla” via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy) along with Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia).

As a token of our appreciation regarding the positive feedback surrounding this release, we are offering you all a free download of Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu. Soon we will have shirts available with the accompanying illustrations by Dymond Starr. The artwork is a visual reflection of the track as it depicts Ninurta slaying Anzu.” Wyatt Houseman (vocals)

Download the track here: https://akhenatenmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ninurta-the-fall-of-anzu

PHOSPHOR releases new single ‘Spielverderber’

The German band PHOSPHOR just released their new single, ‘Spielverderber’, from their upcomming new album “Raum/Zeit” (Into The LimeLight Records). The song is a protest against the mass stupefaction and you can download it for free! You just have to visit their Soundcloud page following this link: https://soundcloud.com/phosphor-musik/phosphor-spielverderber

[news] Download ‘Berenice’ from DEFECT DESIGNER new album

[news] Download 'Berenice' from DEFECT DESIGNER new album

DEFECT DESIGNER joined forces with NefariousRealm.com for the exclusive free track download of ‘Berenice’, one of  ten assaulting tracks from their latest album “Ageing Accelerator” released this past July via Sleaszy Rider Records. The album features a stellar recording line up that includes drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), guitarist Stelios Mavromitis (SepticFlesh live guitarist),  Martin Storm-Olsen (ex-Trollfest) on guitars and clean vocals, Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) for sampling and orchestration along with Dmitry Sukhinin on vocals, bass and guitars.

Download ‘Berenice’ here: http://nefariousrealm.com/666/download-a-free-track-from-the-new-defect-designer-album/