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IRON FIRE new single streaming

Danish Power Metallers IRON FIRE have shared a new single, ‘Iron Eagle’, taken from their new album “Among the Dead”, released last September 16th on Crime Records.

You can stream the single below:

IRON FIRE – Among the Dead

Danish Power Metallers IRON FIRE released an official video for the title track of their latest album “Among the Dead”.

This is their 8th full-length album and it was released last September 16, via Crime Records.

Watch the video below:


AMARANTHE will spread “Maximalism” next October

AMARANTHE’s new album will be titled “Maximalism” and shall be released via Spinefarm Records on October 21st.

This is what Olof Morck (lead guitar) had to say about the new album:

”Maximalism” is our manifesto to the world! We are genuinely thrilled with the new material, definitely our most diverse collection to date; our trademark ‘bleeding edge’ modern metal remains intact, of course, but fused with an even broader range of genres than before… there’s everything here including stadium rock, innovative pop and danceable super-hits. Expect these tunes to enter your mind on a permanent basis!

AMARANTHE will spread “Maximalism” next October 02

HELHORSE – Hell Of A Ride

Danish Sludge Rock ensemble, HELLHORSE, are getting ready to unleash their third album next May 13th.

Recorded at GainFactory Studios by Jakob Gundel , mixed by Lior Goldenberg and mastered by famed Maor Appelbaum in California, “Helhorse” will be released worldwide through Spinefarm Records.

The Danes recently shared the video for the leading single track ‘Hell Of A Ride’:

[video] MYRKUR – nattens barn

‘Nattens Barn’ comes from one-woman black metal project MYRKUR‘s debut EP, which is out now on Relapse Records.

This is what Myrkur herself had to say about the video for ‘Nattens Barn’:

This film was shot by two Danish brothers up in Nordsjælland where I grew up. My house is by the forest called Troldeskoven which is a quite rare type of forest that stems back from 1500. It means troll forest, it is named this because of the twisted and gnarled and strange branches that are shaped like trolls. Some of these trees have developed grotesque forms. Legend has it that this forest in ancient times was inhabited by trolls. The forest holds many ancient monuments and there are 70 burial mounds from the Bronze Age. It’s also different from other forests because it grows in a sandy ground. Right next to it is the beach, the northern coast of Sjælland, Denmark which we also shot on for the video. I feel very connected to this witchy, Elver forest and you will feel the trolls in the trees when you go there.

[review] CROCELL – Come Forth Plague (2013)


Come Forth Plague
(Metal Hell Records – 2013)

A couple of years ago I had the chance to catch this Danish band at a not so packed show near the place I live. They had a different singer back then, but their performance was as tight as “Come Forth Plague” will lead you to believe it can be! Although their labeled as a melodic death metal band, which they often are, the thing is they can also pack some serious gunpowder to their songs and turn everything into a more explosive experience at times!

This dual gear system is well documented in the nine tracks you’ll find in this third record of theirs. Take the two opening tracks, both of them good examples of CROCELL being the relentless death metal machine they know how to be, especially in ‘The Dark I Will Inhale’, where fury meets heaviness and everything breeds power in a way not so common on your typical melodic death acts around the scene. ‘Trembling Realms’ goes down the same road, but we start to see some glimpses of things slowing down a notch or two and within some the following songs, like ‘My Path of Heresy’, ‘Seven Thrones’ and ‘Scars of Red’ we’re on a more controlled pace and the fury is been kept on a tight leash, waiting to be released once the title-track comes to take its front-stage place!

A new album is expected in the next few months but you might as well go back to this piece of northern death metal while you wait to see what the boys from Aarhus are all about.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

SYLVATICA: listen to a song from the debut album “Evil Seeds”

002 SYLVATICA listen to a song from the debut album “Evil Seeds”

Coming straight from the deep Danish swamps, make way for SYLVATICA and their debut album, “Evil Seeds”! This four piece started in 2009 and now is the time to present the world with the first full length and its melodic death metal with some folk influences!

You can listen to the album’s title track, ‘Evil Deeds’, following this link

Listen to ‘Hate Quest’ below: