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REALMS OF ODORIC – Return To Ankrath

REALMS OF ODORIC, the artwork/soundtrack project from SuidAkras Arkadius Antonik and illustrator Kris Verwimp, released a new video for the song ‘Return To Ankrath’, which was animated with illustrations by Kris Verwimp.

Check it out below:

ADE reveals cover art and tracklist

Epic roman Death Metal band ADE is currently in the last stages of the recording, mixing and mastering process of their third album “Carthago Delenda Est” but, in the meantime, the band decided to unveil the cover artwork and tracklist for the album.

“Carthago Delenda Est” is being recorded, mixed and mastered at Overload Studios by Riccardo Studer and the release date is scheduled for July 15th through Xtreem Music.

Tracklist for “Carthago Delenda Est” is as follows:

I. Carthago Delenda Est
II. Across the Wolf’s Blood
III. Annibalem
IV. With Tooth and Nail
V. Dark Days of Rome
VI. Scipio Indomitus Victor
VII. Mare Nostrum
VIII. Zama: Where Tusks are Buried
IX. Excidium
X. Sowing Salt

ADE reveals cover art and tracklist

AKHENATEN show how debut album’s artwork was done

Middle Eastern Black / Death metal project  AKHENATEN shared a video online depicting the time-lapse of their debut album “Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla” artwork being done by artist Diamond Starr Austin.

You can watch the whole thing below:

Meanwhile, the band is still offering fans a free download of their track ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’  from the debut album, which was released via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy) along with Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia)

Download the track here: https://akhenatenmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ninurta-the-fall-of-anzu

[news] MERCY KILLING reveals cover for debut album “Euthanasia”

Brazilian thrash metal band MERCY KILLING has unveiled the album cover for their debut full-length, entitled “Euthanasia”! The artwork was created by Val Oliveira (plastic artist and vocalist in the band Rattle) and is presented as homage to 1950’s horror comics and horror trash movies. The album will be available both in CD and vinyl versions and released by the end of the year.

[news] MERCY KILLING reveals cover for debut album “Euthanasia”

[news] MERCY KILLING reveals cover for debut album “Euthanasia”

Brazilian thrash metal band MERCY KILLING has unveiled the album cover for their debut full-length, entitled “Euthanasia”! The artwork was created by Val Oliveira (plastic artist and vocalist in the band Rattle) and is presented as homage to 1950’s horror comics and horror trash movies. The album will be available both in CD and vinyl versions and released by the end of the year.


Portuguese heavy metal warriors CRUZ DE FERRO join music and history in debut album’s artwork


After releasing “Guerreiros do Metal” (Warriors of Metal), their first EP back in 2012, Portuguese heavy metal band CRUZ DE FERRO (Iron Cross) is working hard in getting the debut album out in the streets. The artwork for “Morreremos de Pé” (We will die standing) has been unveiled and the band continues their path on mixing oldschool heavy metal with the wonderful and rich history of Portugal’s glorious past.

The cover artwork, made by talented artist Pedro Sena Lordigan (check his page here), was inspired by the famous, yet almost forgotten battle of Toro [1 March 1476]. This battle was one of the last ones in the peninsular Middle Ages, between the Portuguese troops captained by King Afonso V [1432-1481] and the Castilian troops of Ferdinand II [1452-1516], king of Aragon, Castile and Leon.

In this battle, whith an outcome that remains inconclusive to these days, Prince John [1455-1495], who was to reign as King John II of Portugal, Gonçalo Pires [?-?] and Duarte de Almeida [?-?], the lieutenant chief of the kingdom, to whom was entrusted the Portuguese flag, distinguished themselves.

In the heat of the fray, Duarte de Almeida was surrounded by the enemy, who cut off the hand that carried the national banner. Stricken with terrible pain, he holds the banner with the other hand, which is also cut off. Finally he rides, with the national flag carved among his teeth and with the support of the stumps of his severed arms, until he is finally overthrown. However, a companion in arms, Gonçalo Pires, later known as the “The Banner” recovered the lost standard from the enemy.

Taken prisoner to Spanish territory, Duarte de Almeida was treated with honor and nobility, and his weapons were exposed in the cathedral of Toledo in respect and veneration. Back in Portugal, he died forgotten and in misery, the usual thanks of an ungrateful homeland that needs others to honor their heroes. For posterity, he would be known as the “O Decepado” (The Severed), a name which also inspired a song in the next CRUZ DE FERRO’S album “Morreremos de pé”.

Portuguese heavy metal warriors CRUZ DE FERRO join music and history in debut album’s artwork

ANTI-FLAG reveal album artwork and tracklist

The new album from American punk band ANTI-FLAG is due to hit the streets next May 26. This new record is their debut for Spinefarm Records and both artwork and tracklist have been revealed! Check it out below, after reading a few words from the band:

The songs of “American Spring” are an aggressive critique of the global social and political climate of 2015. The artwork is no different. The cover art is meant to challenge our collective view of violence and peace. The entire “American Spring” package includes essays, personal liner notes, and further information behind the driving forces of each song, detailing ways for us all to take action against injustice in the world. The “American Spring” is now.


01. Fabled World
02. The Great Divide
03. Brandenburg Gate
04. Sky Is Falling
05. Walk Away
06. Song For Your Enemy
07. Set Yourself On Fire
08. All of The Poison, All of The Pain
09. Break Something
10. Without End
11. Believer
12. To Hell With Boredom
13. Low Expectations
14. The Debate Is Over (if you want it)