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[interview] IMMINENT ATTACK: “Our goal in every show is to entertain the crowd, with both visual and audio elements, we don’t want you to merely listen to our songs, we want to give you a show to remember”

Whether its the enormous energy that this genre provides or the ease in which seriousness and fun go hand in hand in political messages or party songs and positive attitude, there’s something in Crossover that appeals to young and old alike! IMMINENT ATTACK is a fine example of a band that lives well with the duality of emboding the best of hardcore and thrash into a single unit and, in addition, they’ll be playing inside Portuguese borders this year, so we’ll make way for Dinho (vocals) and see what he has to tell us…

imminent attack 05

[GR]: What’s happening boys? Let’s begin by introducing and unveiling the names behind IMMINENT ATTACK!

Dinho: Hello everyone, thank you for getting in touch, we were very honored by this conversation which I’m sure will be the first of many!!! The current line-up consists on: Dinho Guimaraes (cocals), Erick Veles (guitar), Rafael Augusto Lopes (guitar), Ivan Skully (bass) and Andrew A.lien (drums).

This year you celebrate the band’s tenth anniversary! Do you feel the weight of those years on your shoulders? Were those ten years a walk in the park or a painfully difficult decade?

Dinho: Ten years for an independent band is a long time… We had several obstacles on our way, many doors closed in our faces, but that never discouraged us, we always took those kind of things as part of a learning process and it seems we are now reaping the fruits in recent years… The same ones who closed the doors before, now call us to play in their events… But I can answer you with certainty that we still have a difficult career, here in Brazil it’s very hard to make a living from Art, whatever that Art may be.

You released your “Couch Potato” EP, earlier last year, was that your way of celebrating the band’s anniversary or was it something you already had planned?

Dinho: Actually, we wanted to celebrate our 10th year as a band with our first international tour, but that was not possible… The EP kind of took us by surprise, we had won a contest held by Shinigami Records and we were supposed to record some songs to be released in a split with two other bands, however, we thought the songs came out almost too good to just have them on the split and Tauil Entertainment invited us to release them on a 7” vinyl… We couldn’t say no to that invitation, right? Eheheh…

How did the Brazilian underground received the EP? I know that your album, “Deliver Us From Ourselves”, had good reviews and was mentioned several times as one of the best releases at the time. Judging by the feedback you got on the EP, do you feel like you’ve honored that kind of attention?

Dinho: So far everything’s going great, we got many good reviews on the release… But I think the best award we got for it was the fact that it only took a couple of shows to sold out every single copy we had! You can still find some copies around, but only in a few stores…

You also had a few reactions and interest from both fans and press outside Brazil, right? You’ve been able to spread your music and energy around many different places in the world…

Dinho: We are still taking baby steps outside Brazil… We had a few contacts, yes, but nothing really solid. We even sent some things to fans in Europe, USA and Japan, but those were only a few copies. We are talking into releasing our next album through a label in Europe, that way things get a little easy to promote everything in the Old Continent.

I know that you have an European Tour scheduled to 2015! Can you say which countries is it going to cross? Do have any Portuguese dates scheduled?

Dinho: I really must apologize for the time I took to answer this interview, because we were negotiating the whole tour and know we can confirm everything, eheheh… We’ll be landing by the end of April and we’ll play in 7 countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland and Germany! The tour starts in Portugal, however, we still don’t know in which cities we’ll play! Everything is still in our manager’s hands!!

imminent attack 01

What are your expectations for that tour? And goals? What do you want to achieve by crossing the ocean and playing your crossover/thrash to the European crowds?

Dinho: Total anxiety ahah!!! The big goal is to spread our music around to the biggest number of people possible, not to mention that Europe is a cradle for great bands, excellent venues, responsible promotores, etc.! Being able to play there and learn with the Europeans is just awesome for us!!!

Besides the many compliments on your album, your live performances are also frequently mentioned. But, from your point of view, what are your best attributes on stage? What makes you a band to look after and see live?

Dinho: We take our live performances as they were the last ones of our lives, we want everybody at the show to have as much fun as we do! !!!

Let’s talk about the way you sound: why thrash/crossover? What led you to this particular genre? Sao Paulo is known for having a quite strong hardcore scene, did this influenced you in any way?

Dinho: Actually we did not choose this style, it was Crossover that chose us! Since the beginning of Imminent Attack, all members liked different styles of metal, but when we got together, we did this mixture of rhythms that eventually form the sound of the band. I always listen to plenty of punk rock, hardcore and thrash metal, at least in my case as a vocalist this mix influenced a lot. Speaking of Sao Paulo, the Hard Core scene without any doubt works pretty fine, but I can say with all my heart that is in the interior cities of Brazil that things really get on fire! Perhaps it’s because Sao Paulo is such a big city and have shows almost every night which makes the guys from the farther cities go so insane with the shows.

In Thrash, when it comes to the message, we can find both serious and activist approaches as well as a more festive and fun side of the scene. What is the approach you prefer and which one do you seek to include in your songs?

Dinho: For our album, we had both sides. We have songs in there that were written at the beginning of the band when we were a lot more fun, and less responsible, and there are songs that were written a couple of days before starting recordings it made the album to come out with these songs so different from each other…

Which of these two sides we’ll be able to find the next IMMINENT ATTACK album? When will we start hearing about it?

Dinho: This next album is being written with songs addressing various topics, but with a more serious approach than the “Deliver” record. We’ve already started recording and I believe that it will be ready in the first semestre.

And to anyone who want to listen and/or grab a hold of some of your available releases? Where and who should they bribe first? Where to look?

Dinho: We are in almost all the social networks of the Internet, and a simple google search brings you back to us. But we use Facebook more. If you want to purchase anything just send an email to:

Press office: www.

Friends, thank you for your kindness and your time! Anything else you want to add to what has already been said, this is your space!

Dinho: Thank very much for the opportunity to speak to you and to the European public! We look forward to meet you guys soon! Big hug, we’ll see you in 2015!!!!! Long live Gourmet Roadkill!!!! Tks Mammoth Maniax

[interview] PILE OF CORPSES: “We do not try to restrict ourselves by labels, the idea is to writte fast and aggressive songs, in short, music metalheads can mosh to!”

PILE OF CORPSES is a band from São Paulo (Brazil) with which we crossed path in our inbox some time ago! They have two demos under their belts, since the band first started when we were back in 2001 and it was during the last year that “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol”, their first album came into this world! We took the opportunity to throw them some questions and Alexandre Chefe (bass) was the spokesman for this band that mixes thrash guitar riffs with a death metal attitude…

pile of corpses 05

[GR] Guys, welcome to these humble pages!

PILE OF CORPSES [POC] Thank you for the oportunity, we hope to answer your questions in a way that’s clear for all, despite the small language barrier – we know there are some words with different meanings in our countries… (laughs)

After 13 years as a band, PILE OF CORPSES finally released a full length album! What kind of reactions have you been getting for “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol”? Are you happy with the way things are going with this record?

Yes, very happy! The feedback has been great with the metal crowd and somewhat curious for the non metal public (mainly because track number 1 and because of the lyrics of the first part of the album – laughs). Since the release we’re doing a good number of shows here in Brazil and we’re already planning some shows in other countries around South America.

Why was it necessary to wait all these years for this album? Were the lineup changes the only reason for this or have you been accumulating difficulties over time?

Since the release of our last record, “Santa Claus is Cumming” (2007), we had a serious issue with the band’s line-up. Our first drummer left and we remained for more than three years without finding someone who would fit in the band. That brought us back and it was just a discouraging period. We ended up delaying composition on the album and, after finding that new drummer we needed, he had to learn all the songs before we can start recording again. Incidentally, the drummer who made this album also left the band, he had to move to a city far away from us, but fortunately we managed to secure the position even before the official album release.

The songs recorded in “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol” were written specifically for this album or were they things that you’ve been playing and testing over the years?

We had the initial idea to do a whole album just talking about sex (laughs). But we had other songs ready with different themes and hence came the idea of breaking the album into two parts, one talking about sex and other more “normal” brutal subjects. But the album reflects the entire story of the band, with unreleased songs and tunes that were in our first release.

You call your music Extreme Polemic Death Metal but when we listen the album, the biggest influence seems to come more from thrash metal, especially in the guitar. Which of the two sides from this scale has more weight among PILE OF CORPSE members?

Actually, the Extreme Polemic moniker does not say much about our musical style or rhythm, but is more related to lyrics and actions that often generate some controversy (laughs). Regarding Death and Thrash, well then, we try to spin the two plates without much worries… Maybe the vocals turn everything more into death’s way while the rest have a very thrashy feel, but do not try to restrict ourselves by the labels, the idea is to writte fast and aggressive songs, in short, music metalheads can mosh to!

I assume, then, that the Polemic part of this designation has more to do with the content of your lyrics. In the world we live in today, do you believe that there are still many of these controversial issues? Have we not trivialized the shock and presented it in harmless doses?

Your right, in these days it’s very difficult to get to shock somebody with lyrics or even music. But amazingly we had problems with the release, because the factory that would make the CD itself didn’t accept the first version (which came with a picture of a vagina printed on the CD – laughs) and we had to make a second version with the CD all printed black. Additionally we got some reviews mentioning that the intro is too much explicit! Incredibly, the review came from a metal site!

pile of corpses 03

PILE OF CORPSES don’t seem to be a band with political leanings, but you make a point of stating that you’re not a Nazi band or have any White Power trends! Why the need to make this statement? Have you gone through a situation where you’ve had the need to justify yourselves?

Luckily it never happened, maybe because we’ve made that clear, ever since the beginning of the band. The idea to have a clear warning emerged when we released our first demo, “Hail War”! A band called PILE OF CORPSES with a release called “Hail War” and a song with the same name could lead people to think that we had those kind of ideas… It costs us nothing to make that point clear.

Your previous EP’s allowed you to play in many different places, even outside Brazil! Now, with this latest record, do you expect to repeat the experience? How was it for you guys, at that moment, be able to showcase your music to an audience other than Brazilians?

[POC] Yes we had the pleasure of playing in Argentina. It was great to meet the metal scene from another country and we’ll definitely try to keep this routine. We are scheduling dates in other countries in Latin America and also other capitals in Brazil itself, which is massive! When you go out of Sao Paulo to play in Bahia, for example, it’s a totally different crowd and we want to get there as well…

In recent years, many Brazilian underground bands have crossed the ocean to do some touring in Europe. Is this possibility included in your horizon? Some festivals or even some headlining dates?

Sure, we thought a lot on an European tour, who knows, maybe in 2015/2016! But we need to plan this very well, because all the band members have “normal” jobs, since it’s not possible to make a living out of underground metal around here, so we would all need to combine vacation time to make it like a holiday trip… But this is a clear goal we all have: spend a month out there playing and drinking!!!

Once this records runs out of its lifetime, what’s the next move? Where do PILE OF CORPSES’ needles point in the near future?

We already have new songs in mind for a new album, actually, we already have the name of that album (laughs). Since we took so long to release the first one, the idea is to make the next one as soon as possible!

Friends, thank you so much for your time! The final words are all yours:

We thank you for this opportunity! We invite all who have become interested in the band to know a more about PILE OF CORPSES on our facebook page (, where you can listen our first two EP’s in full and also at soundcloud ( -corpses-the-hymen) where ‘Collector Hymen’ from the new album is streaming! And, of course, those who want can contact us at our email ( and we sent the album!

[interview] RUNNING DEATH: “With the first EP we learned how to write good live songs. Whereas the second one is more interesting to listen to”

Over the years, Teutonic thrash-metal grew on followers and fans that will maintain their loyalty throughout the decades! Some albums and bands will remain forever, but we must also pay attention to new names that mean continuity, keeping the flame alive of a genre that more than often is rising and falling! RUNNING DEATH are part of that continuity, here to remind us that with or without trends, there is always good thrash-metal coming from those lands…

# interview - RUNNING DEATH 06

[GRZ]Hi there guys! How’s everything going? Heard you’re heading in to studio, are you pumped about that?

Running Death [RD]: Hey! We’re doing pretty well, thanks! We’re sitting in our rehearsal space. We just played all songs for the upcoming record and couldn’t be happier to go to the studio in 3 days and nail them!

This is going to be your first full-length. What kind of emotions is that bringing up within the band?

[RD]: We are very happy to record this album in this period where the chemistry between us is as well as our writing and playing skills are as good as never before. We are very excited that this is happening.

After ten years in the making, is this going to be RUNNING DEATH’s career highest point or do you have your eyes set on bigger things? What’s the plan after the album is done and out in the streets?

[RD]: We’re always focusing on the current record and do all we can to make it the best we could possibly make. Once that done – we celebrate and do the same again

Some bands prefer to live with their songs for a while before recording them. Watch them grow and fine tune everything before putting them to stone. You finished writing the album in July and the studio sessions start in August! Does that leave you any time to mature the songs?

[RD]: We started writing songs straight after “The Call of Extinction” EP. It is only in July that we finished and are very confident with the songs we want to record. We already played some of them live and they rocked pretty well!

How much of a difference there’ll be between the new album and the last two EP’s (“Raging Nightmare” 2010 and “The Call of Extinction” 2012)? Do you feel you’ve reached a point where you’ve matured together as band?

[RD]: The new songs are in between the “Raging Nightmare” and “The Call of Extinction” – just better. With the first EP we learned how to write good live songs. Where as the second one is more interesting to listen to. We have learned from both and now have songs that are strong in both areas.

When will you think it’ll be out? Your previous releases came out independently; do you think the time has come to finally get a deal with a label? Is it something you think about or do you prefer to stay independent?

[RD]: We really enjoyed writing and releasing both EP’s independently, as that gave us all the creative freedom we needed – especially in that critical phase. Now we want to release through a label and distributor so they help us marketing it and the record is available everywhere.

Good luck and all the best, guys! Hope to ear the new stuff soon!

[RD]: Thank you! Keep up the great work, we`ll sure send you a record when it`s out!

(note: RUNNING DEATH recently signed to Punishment 18 Records! Congrats on them!)

[interview] NINJASPY: “accomplishing the fusion is tricky, but it’s all about the segue and sensing the rhythmic similarity between different genres.”

When I was a teenager, I remember being something of a closed minded person when it came to music. I was way into my underground anarchist punk period and, to my mind, everything else was garbage, mainstream or sold out! I’m so glad to have grown out of that ridiculous mindset! Now, I can really appreciate bands like NINJASPY who go out of their ways to blend and merge different genres and ways of expression that go beyond music! That was one of the reasons that made me curious about them. Here’s a small interview with Joel Parent (vocals/guitar):


GRZ: Hi there guys! How’s the family? Always prompt and ready to break some musical genre barriers?

[Joel]: Family is great! We are most certainly amped to break things, especially genre barriers.

NINJASPY is literally a band of brothers! How does the family ties weight in and influence you as band? Do you think it eases the way you embrace touring and recording?

[Joel]: I wouldn’t say eases, it’s more of a chaotic fluctuation between love and anger. I’d say that has an impact on our musical fluctuations as well.

You started playing together at a very young age, back in 1999, but NINJASPY only came to be in 2006. What made you realize that was the time and place to say ‘let’s do this’? Were you trying to find your comfort zone? While listening to your music, I’m guessing you feel comfortable in a lot of different places…

[Joel]: We had a series of unfortunate events in our career that made it seem fitting to have a fresh start in 2006. The idea of Ninjaspy really fit with the fusion of genres and for the integration of music, dancing and martial arts.

ninjaspy [cat ashbee] 3

One of your flags/objectives is the “eradication of narrow mindedness” with a “surgical amalgamation of a spectrum of styles”! From progressive metal to ska/reggae! From Meshuggah to The Police! How does one manages such a mission and how important it is to you to achieve such goal?

[Joel]: First of all, I have to say that I totally get scenes and fitting into a certain genre. Doing so means tons of fun, comraderie and a sense of belonging. I would never judge a band because they aren’t weird enough. But for me, it just makes sense to incorporate everything I like together. It is musically very challenging to me. Accomplishing the fusion is tricky, but it’s all about the segue and sensing the rhythmic similarity between different genres.

Having played live with such different types of bands and audiences (from 3 Inches Of Blood and Today Is The Day to Brutal Truth and Powerman 5000), how do people tend to react to your music? Do you pick particular sets to play or do you go all in with the reggae on the extreme metal fans?

[Joel]: We have the luxury of catering different sets to different crowds. If it’s a ska show, we lighten up! If it’s a metal show, we make it heavier! It’s always fun to lean to and fro. People’s reactions are as mixed as our music. Usually folks either love us or hate us!

Let’s talk a little about the “No Kata” EP: there is a graphic novel released with the EP, but does the EP exist outside the novel? What I mean is, can it be absorbed as an individual piece of music or are they (novel + EP) the two halves of the same work?

[Joel]: The two are meant to be experienced together, the lyrics are the monologue in the graphic novel. But you could definitely read/listen separately.

What is the artistic concept behind “No Kata”? At one point you mention the four elements, but how did ‘Void’ found his way there?

[Joel]: The void is very common in eastern religion and martial arts. In the art I study, going into that “zero” space is the key to survival. The concept of No Kata is that by getting out of the madness of your monkey mind and into a state where your body is free to move and dance, you then have the ability to conquer your enemies. The enemy in No Kata is the Skank, your negative self. And dancing destroys the enemy.

While we’re on the subject of concepts, what kind of themes do you explore with your lyrics? Let’s take, for example, two of my favorite songs from NINJASPY: ‘Evolution of the Skid’ and ‘Out of Tampons’.

[Joel]: ‘Evolution of the Skid’ is about marxist criticisms of capitalism. It’s about being on the right path in life and doing the things that you were meant to do rather than staying at a job you hate. I got fired for writing that song at work hahaha!

‘Out of Tampons’ is an analogy for the way we treat the earth. Earth is the mother, and by doing good things for her we plant good seeds in her womb, and she gives birth to new life. But when we plant no good seeds, mother earth does not conceive, she gets her period, she bleeds. And that blood represents the wastes of the world. It’s a huge mess. And the only thing cleaning it up are the good people, the tampons. And there aren’t enough good people in the world to clean up the amount of bloody mess we are making. We are running out of tampons.

You’re launching a campaign to fund your next album. Do you have everything planned out or are you going to swing it as you move along with the fund raise? We don’t want to jinx everything, but is there a plan B in case you don’t make enough money to do the record?

[Joel]: It’s all planned out! We are finalizing studio time for May/June. Plan B is to find another way to get the money or record fewer songs! So for everyone’s sake let’s hope we raise enough! I’m confident though, things are looking good.

This sort of funding campaigns seems to be pretty common these days. Do you believe that bands don’t trust labels anymore or is it the other way around? Everybody wanting only to bet on the ‘winning horse’, so to speak?

[Joel]: It’s not that bands dont trust labels, it’s that labels aren’t interested as much anymore and bands don’t need labels as much anymore. There are so many ways to make it in music nowadays. I think crowdfunding is the way to go. The only contract you have to sign is the one that says you will deliver music to your fans and that’s what you’d be doing anyways!

Let’s round this up by asking where, how and when, can we, European eyes and ears, catch a glimpse, a note, a full show, a new record or even an old one from NINJASPY? Where can we spy on you Ninjas?

[Joel]: Well we are easy to find online through our website and we do hope to come to Europe one day! Once the new album is done we will be looking to start travelling outside Canada. Hope to see you soon! Cheers!

official website:

watch “No Kata” graphic novel:

stream “No Kata” (2013):

stream “PiNature” (2007):

[GRZ note: while I was getting this post ready the band did managed to get all the money they needed to get the new album done! So, congrats on that, guys!]

[interview] INSANITY ALERT: “When we started playing and hanging out together, crossover thrash was where we met up. It’s all about having fun and doing what you like!”

Some time ago I came across INSANITY ALERT, a band that made feel like I was a young punk thrasher again! Decided to ask them a bunch of questions just to get to know a little more about the whole insanity around them! The portuguese version of our little talk with Heavy Kevy (vocals) was already on-line (check it out here) and now finally here his the full english version:


GRZ: Hey guys! How’s life in the beautiful Innsbruck? Did you enjoyed the Holidays Season with full white scenery or you’re not into that kind of festivities?

Heavy Kevy [HK]: Yo! All good here, but we’re still waiting for the winter to begin! Christmas wasn’t white at all, but we had beers, food and some good parties. On the 30th of December we played a hometown show with Hobbs Angel Of Death, so we thrashed 2013 goodbye!

Let’s start this by presenting the members of INSANITY ALERT and what they do besides playing in this band! Go!

[HK]: On the drums we have the legendary Don Klemensch Machine Melanzani, on the guitar it’s Mr. Dave Of Death. We have a new bass player, his name is Moosi and my name is Heavy Kevy and I do some singing, dancing, screaming and moshing.

What took you to the thrash/crossover scene? Was it the no-pressure/no-rules general attitude or just the fact that you listen to a lot of those kinds of bands?

[HK]: When we started in 2011, the rest of the guys were playing in a band called -INDYUS-, a death/thrash band, similar to old Sepultura/Metallica. I have been a punk rock kid as long as I can remember, so when we started playing and hanging out together, crossover thrash was where we met up. It is all about having fun and doing what you like. So we smoked weed and listened to all that was loud and fast: Slayer, Municipal Waste, Ramones, Motorhead, Bones Brigade, Poison Idea, Gang Green, SOD, Toxic Holocaust etc. etc. And now we have a band!

You recently joined the Empire Records roster! How did you cross paths with them? Are you feeling excited with this new step?

[HK]: Well, I’m from the Netherlands and Empire Records is from Belgium, so we have played some cool shows in the Benelux already, like Speedfest for example. With Insanity Alert we try to play as often as we can, not just in Austria, but everywhere. So we got to play with Evil Invaders and they were on Empire Records. I think Tony from Empire also liked our videos that we have on Youtube, and he was looking for a crossover thrash band for his label. We met him a month or so ago, and then we just shook hands on it! Super excited about it, because everything he has put out so far sounds and looks great! Now it’s up to us to come up with a rippin’ full-length!


Besides the release of a full length in 2014, what other major projects can we expect in the coming future? What are you planning with the guys at Empire Recs?

[HK]: Well, Tony has mentioned a split with Toxic Shock, a great thrashcore band from Belgium. And we just wanna play cool shows. We get to play with Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, SSS and Dr. Living Dead this year, so what more can a thrasher ask for?

What can we expect to hear in the debut album? Do you have any kind of guidelines? Any ideas that you can share with us?

[HK]: It will be fast, loud and short. Basically we wanna take the sound from our previous EP’s and improve it. Lyrics-wise I wanna make it even more crazy and strange. So many topics, so many ideas. We wanna take it to the top and smash it over. We’re working on songs like ‘Weedgrinder’, ‘Macaroni Maniac’, ‘The Claw Of All That Is Evil’ and ‘Blunt In / Blunt Out’.

Tell us a little about the “Second Opinion” EP (released February 2013)! There seems to be something of a common theme there: the record title, songs like ‘Strength of the Insane’, ‘The Infected Zone’ and ‘March of the Mentally Ill’! Where did all that madness came from? Was it a fun record to make?

[HK]: That was a great record to make! It’s a crazy world out there and we wanna provide a soundtrack. I love movies about zombies and post-apocalyptic scenes. Plus, I like to smoke weed, so sometimes my lyrics get weird and insane. But I think it fits to the music. In the end we’re super proud of Second Opinion, cause it got us a lot of shows and people seem to dig the music.

Did you get a good feedback from the metal fans? I mean, the record sounds tight and samples your energy and power much better than the “First Diagnosis” demo did!

[HK]: The record has been very well received, all over the world. Good reviews and we actually sold some copies. It also made us realize that we can actually achieve something with Insanity Alert. These guys are some of the best musicians I’ve ever played with, and they’re also very good friends. Let’s hope we can keep thrashing it up over the years.

Well, you’ve quoted them as your band interests so I gotta ask you: where does the best weed come from? What’s the best beer you’ve tasted? And, which teams can we find you guys cheering?

[HK]: Best weed if from Holland, no matter what anyone says. As for beer, I can only speak for myself, since I’m a lightweight drinker. The other guys, Melanzani and Dave, they like stuff from Czech and Belgium, but I stick to easy drinking beers like Heineken, Corona and Kronenbourg. When it comes to football, we all love FC Barcelona. Klemi supports FC Wacker Innsbruck and I still feel for Sparta Rotterdam. Unfortunately both teams are not doing too good the last years. And of course we support the Austrian and the Dutch national teams. Holland World Champion 2014!!!

Apart from the football cheering, surely there must be a few bands that you guys think kick major asses! Bands you’ve shared the stage with and we, as blind and deaf as we can be, know nothing about yet! What have you been listening to recently?

[HK]: We got the pleasure of sharing the stage with many cool bands here in Europe. Shout outs to Evil Invaders, Toxic Shock, Striking Death from Belgium, Vitamin X, The Shining, GFR and Nuclear Devastation from Holland, Triumphant and Kaschorros Wichiados from Austria and all the rest we forgot.

That’s it guys! Thank you very much for your time! Any last message to our readers? A final wish or comment? Feel free to speak your mind!

[HK]: Thanks so much for this interview and your interest in our band. Keep thrashing hard and support your local underground. Oh, and feel free to download our records for free over at http://insanityalert.bandcamp.comPEACE & THRASH!

[interview] CUT: “We do not seek symbols or meanings within the conceptual spectrum; we just want to recreate an unexpected and unrepeatable stifling universe”

This band’s concerts resemble true experiences of sabbatical quest with a mysterious spiritual reach and an enigmatic presence translated into voices and resonances that can make our body rumble. Maybe it’s just the incense smoke talking, but the truth is that there is something there and we wanted to learn a bit more about this project! This was the manageable talk between Gourmet Roadkill and lead singer Nuno Rodrigues…


We understand that the name CUT is an acronym for something a little more complex. Do you care to elaborate on its meanings?

Nuno Rodrigues [NR]: CUT significances are variable; it can be as an incision, a break with the normal path of a band, the “cut” associated with the clapper in a movie studio, a roar within the fine line that separates fact from fiction…

The band members have some accumulated experience with previous and ongoing bands and projects. How is that experience embodied in CUT?

[NR]: Actually, it is quite embraced, myself being in WAKO, João has its past with Ciborium and is always working in sound enginering and Marecos also with Ciborium and other projects. We merge all this experience and each one’s knowledge and influences resulting in a well mature and objective collective vision.

As we get to hear your songs we get the distinct feeling that the major foundations of your music relies on the sheer Riff dimension! But what do you feed it with? What makes it grow?

[NR]: No doubt the Riff is what orchestrates our senses, shaking us to the inevitable drop in the next riff, rampant and steeply he wanders until wraping it wraps itself around every musical scenery presented, and thereafter he is coated with dissonant vocal harmonies and marked by an aggressive and dragged drum beat.

Is there a pre-determined road you wish to travel with your music? Where do you want to take it? What are the limits?

[NR]: As we are not chained to anything, no physical record, no usual platform as support, I believe the path is clear, there are no limits and any goal is replaced by a simpler way to be where anything can happen.

You are usually pointed to be somewhere between Electric Wizard and Alice In Chains, when it comes to influences! Do you feel comfortable with this kind of association?

[NR]: Yes, they are very iconic bands in which we identify ourselves. I don’t read that assessment as people labeling us but more as a way to get to the right crowd.

In your live performances there seems to be some scenic dedication, not only with your now usual incenses, but also the way that you use samples to fill every major break between songs! What is the meaning of this stage presentation?

[NR]: It’s something almost cinematic… It serves a purpose, sharing sensory planes through our live act, the use of incense to stimulate smell, visions of a dormant volcano, our use of red in terms of lighting, the low frequencies that compel us to a slight feeling of panic… We do not seek symbols or meanings within the conceptual spectrum; we just want to recreate an unexpected and unrepeatable stifling universe because every time we step on a stage we bring strange and unknown sounds to the public.

What is the name of the movie where those samples are taken from and why did you choose that particular work? How does it fit into CUT’s universe?

[NR]: Fog Closing In, Alfred Hichtcock 1956. Because it gathers our imaginary universe, with madness, wear, fear, sorrow, dream, death and all the sensations that can be drawn from this short film.

What’s it like to look at that universe from the inside?

[NR]: Muddy, hypnotic and sinful.

As far as we know there is no intention to go into studio, so we should not expect an official release from CUT! Why did you took this decision, so unusual for a band? Is there some kind of philosophical intention, where the ritual of every show becomes an experience even more exclusive?

[NR]: I think this question was answered in the previous questions.