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[fanzine] O ALFINETE #7 is out now

The new issue of O ALFINETE zine is now available, featuring articles on Gun Club in Lisbon 1987, DeVo in Lisbon 1979, “RCS, Ellie Jay, SRT, indie labels”, Christian Punk (UK & Us 1977-84), Fred Banana Combo (interview + bio), Lew Lewis, The Living Daylights (interview), T.V.A. (ex. The Warm), The Frenchies (French-Glamrock), Reviews: Sonny Vincent, Facção Opposta, Psycho Tramps, Bliztkrieg Bop…

24 pages
Profissional color printing

Price: 3€ + 1.20€ postage (Paypal payment)

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[fanzine] O ALFINETE #7 out now