news | RITES OF DAATH releasing new EP “Hexing Graves”

Godz Ov War Productions has set October 13th as the international release date for “Hexing Graves”, the debut EP of Polish band RITES OF DAATH.

“Hexing Graves” was recorded in the summer of 2017 at Roslyn Sudio and Michal Pijocha’s Studio, with mixing and mastering at Roslyn Studio. The artwork was created by a young Polish artista called Julia Siuda and the logo was created by Ihasan Art.

The band commented about the release:

Rites of Daath’s general aim is to create a heavy and crushing sound. It blends massive, slow parts with sudden explosions of sheer madness in the faster parts. The band’s music is deeply rooted within the death metal underground scene, and it’s faithful to the oldschool and raw sound. It was inspired by a variety of death/doom metal acts, such as Necros Christos, Morgoth, Grave Miasma and Asphyx, as well with Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Dark and intense, the music is a reflection of the lyrical concept, because the music and the lyrics are an entity, and they focus around various alchemical themes, revolve around death and the cult of it. The EP itself evokes the majesty of death, but not only as a power behind everything,but also as a passage to the absolute. The production is 100% natural, without any triggers or a pumped, artificial computer-like sound.

Check out the EP’s first track, “Bitter Entrails of the Earth”:


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