news | ETHEREAL RIFFIAN release “Afterlight” DVD

Ukrainian Shamanic Rock band ETHEREAL RIFFIAN released the “Afterlight” DVD, which is the quintessence of the band’s 6-year work.

Just like all band’s previous works, “Afterlight” is a conceptual release and it uncovers the topic of awakening in different spiritual traditions, namely Buddhism, Shamanism & Mysticism.

Val Kornev, frontman, commented:

Since 2013 I wanted to have a single release that can give a versatile overview of the band’s creative work – its music, philosophy, approach to limited editions and live potential. And now we have it.

With this release we, on one hand, aim to crystalize all our work and ideas since the inception of the band, and on the other hand, we want to show the quintessential component which unites all spiritual paths. For the band this release marks the end of the first chapter in its history and the beginning of the new one.

To celebrate the release date, the band revealed one live video taken from the DVD, “Wakan Tanka”:


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