news | AGAINST PR will release “Death” compilation

AGAINST PR company will release a new compilation entitled “Death, coming July 31st!

This new release will feature 13 tracks from several new bands and will cover several sub-genres within the metal spectrum.

The compilation features the following bands and songs:

01 Once Awake – Endless Waves
02 Noituma – Rutonkantaja
03 Rites To Sedition – Sorcerers of Atlantis
04 Bloodphemy – Soulmate
05 Crossbones – I’m God
06 Martillo Austral – An old tale
07 Sovvaļnīks – Muosenis
08 Siege – Mr. Skortikon
09 FS Projekt – Kredo Tvoyo
10 Stone Angels – Signed In Blood
11 Animamortua – Vultures of Civilisation
12 Phoenix Rebellion – Pirates Of Ibiza
13 Risingfall – Epilogue


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