SRD – Smrti Sel (2017)


Smrti Sel
(On Parole Records / 2017)

Since I was such a total stranger with the music and words from these Slovenians, I had to dive into “Smrti Sel” without any safety on, relying only on the belief that I would enjoy this because I read somewhere Modern Black Metal with elements of Black ‘n’ Roll! The cover artwork was also a good indicator. I really like that picture and the whole vibe it sends. I also read misanthropy and ended up finding SRD on the social media networks. I almost bathe in the irony.

SRD is a studio project turned live band, born from the creative mind of main man Goran and, I have to be honest, “Smrti Sel” sounded better the second time I played these seven tracks. In certain moments I was sent to a universe were people like Kampfar or Einherjer could have roamed and played.

Musically, I never actually felt the presence of that Misanthropy ingredient, but maybe it was mixed within the lyrics, as two of them were written in their native tongue. The obvious exception being the GG Allin cover they’ve recorded, ‘I Kill Everything I Fuck’, making it one of the good tracks found here. ‘Soci’ could be another one of those, at least here around the house it certainly was, also serving as nice closer for an album that opened with an exagerated long prologue. I could use those five minutes back. 7/10 [RM]


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