PREACH will play a special 10th Anniversary show

Swedish metal band PREACH announced a special 10th anniversary show, “2006-2016”, set to take place on October 8th at Copperfields in Stockholm (Sweden).

The band will perform a special anniversary set containing material from all their releases: “Weight of This” (demo 2008), “Melt to Sand” (demo 2009), “Path to Solace” (EP 2009) and “Gasoline Veins” (album 2015).

Here’s what the band had to say about being together for 10 years:

Being a part of Preach is one of the greatest experiences we’ve had in our life. To be able to say that we’ve kept this machine rolling for 10 years now is definitely something we feel extremely proud about. This journey has been completey off the hook and we’re grateful to all the amazing people we’ve met over the years. Let’s start the celebration! Here’s to 10 more!



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