PROJEKT F – Unbegun

Canadian industrial band PROJEKT F have posted a new video for the track ‘Unbegun’, in support of their recently released EP “The Butterfly Effect”.

The EP, their loudest release to date, discusses the relationship between man and God and continues their thematic discography “Skins” (2013) and “Under The Skin” (2014).

We consider ‘The Butterfly Effect’ to be an extremely raw and honest EP. Early in the process of making it, we knew that we would not be making a music video for it. However, we thought it was important to give something to our fans. So we decided to make a video that would show a side of Projekt F that hasn’t been seen before. Like the EP, a raw and honest one. Many of you have seen our “on stage persona” before, but with this video that we have made for our single, ‘Unbegun’, we are sharing a different side of ourselves.” Jonh M. Miller (vocals)


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