BARROWS – Swine Race

BARROWS - Swine Race (2015)

Swine Race
Inverse Records / 2015

Welcome to “Swine Race” the debut release from BARROWS. A trio keen to take you on a violent journey into the world in which Immolation breed with Cattle Decapitation and give birth to what the Canadian band decided to call Swine Grind! Does this description do any kind of justice to the music that these guys brought from studio in this first album? I believe that is the one that comes closest to the level of aggression we find in “Swine Race”.

The nine songs presented here are filled with double bass and blastbeats attacks with a proper side of insane voice work offered by Lee Newton. Joining all this is a whole collection of guitar riffs ready to challenge the quieter individual and that, my friends, is a formula bound to dominate everyone by force.

“Swine Race” comes after a first demo released in 2014 and I believe that any Grind fan will also be starting to pay some of his attention to the things this band is up to and, taking into account everything that we can find in this first record, the future will certainly bring us more quality releases by BARROWS.

(reviewed by: Rui Marujo)


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