IMPERIUM – The Unseen One (lyric video)

Taken from their latest release “Titanomachy”, which was released last May 7th via Ultimate Massacre Productions, ‘The Unseen One’ was the first full song to be released from the second album from UK duo IMPERIUM.

As with every song on this album, ‘The Unseen One’ tells a story steeped in Greek mythology and lore. Vocalist Doug Anderson (who also plays drums for Unfathomable Ruination) elaborates:

‘The Unseen One’ is a journey deep into the abyss, where the lord of the underworld resides. Cruel, but fair, ‘The Unseen One’ was a son of Kronos, and brother to Zeus. He was the jailer of hell, who rules over the dead. This track really spoke to me as a single straight away. It combines some of the classic high intensity riffage of Imperium, with a full showcase of vocal range. The chorus ended up with quite a catchy hook, and Mike gets to really shine, with some of his best solo work to date!


Finnish Samurai Metal band WHISPERED unveiled an epic new music video for single ‘Strike!’, taken from their third album, “Metsutan – Songs Of The Void”, released last May 20th through Redhouse FMP / Inverse Records.

The video, about “executing a flawless, godlike strike with a sword,” was written and directed by guitarist and vocalist Jouni Valjakka with cinematography by Teemu Jortikka and Niko Finsk.

Watch the video below:


Belgium band REJECT THE SICKNESS recently released a video for the song ‘My Agony’, taken from their latest album, “Chains Of Solitude”, out on Mighty Music last November.

Frontman Guy Vercruysse commented on the video:

The video of My Agony was made by Malika Maria AtwOrk (Malika does visuals on bigger live shows). The lyrics of the song discribes the inner fight of a trauma after molestation. The video shows the mind-struggle of the victim. Pain, suffering, hope, redemption, revenge…


Greek Melodic Death band AETHERIAN released a music video for their latest single ‘The Rain’ while they are currently working on new songs for their upcoming debut album.

The band was formed in Athens formed in 2013 and by 2015 they had already released two singles and an EP titled “Tales of our Times”, which were all included in a CD print version by Goressimo Records.

Check out the video for ‘The Rain’:

PROJEKT F – Unbegun

Canadian industrial band PROJEKT F have posted a new video for the track ‘Unbegun’, in support of their recently released EP “The Butterfly Effect”.

The EP, their loudest release to date, discusses the relationship between man and God and continues their thematic discography “Skins” (2013) and “Under The Skin” (2014).

We consider ‘The Butterfly Effect’ to be an extremely raw and honest EP. Early in the process of making it, we knew that we would not be making a music video for it. However, we thought it was important to give something to our fans. So we decided to make a video that would show a side of Projekt F that hasn’t been seen before. Like the EP, a raw and honest one. Many of you have seen our “on stage persona” before, but with this video that we have made for our single, ‘Unbegun’, we are sharing a different side of ourselves.” Jonh M. Miller (vocals)


Check out ‘Sermão’, the latest video for the Brazilian band FEARTONE, taken from their EP entitled “Vícios” (download for free here)

The video was directed by Diogo Araújo, from Under Control Filmes, who already has done some work for Almah and Perc3ption.

Stream the video below:

ENDEMISE – Anathema

Black / Death Metal band ENDEMISE has posted a new music video for the title track from their upcoming album “Anathema” due out later this year to follow their 2013 debut album “Far From The Light” released on Maple Metal Records and their 2012 self-titled EP.