EVEN VAST joins Sleazy Rider Records

Sleaszy Rider Records signed a deal with the British/Italian Doom/Sludge metallers EVEN VAST.

After their last album back in 2007, the band relocated in UK, changed its line-up and also changed their music style going more into a Sludge Rock direction, rather than the Gothic Metal sound they were playing.

Right now, the band is busy recording and mixing at NoiseBoy studios (Manchester, England), and soon enter Major Oak Audio Mastering studio (Nottingham, England) for the mastering process of their new album, entitled “Warped Existence”.

The release date for the album is scheduled for September 2016 and also the back catalogue (re-mastered with bonuses) will be released some time this year through Sleazy Rider: “Teach Me How To Bleed” (+ bonus live tracks), ”Hear Me Out” (+ bonus live tracks) and ”Where The Trees Still Speak” (+ unreleased tracks).


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