SHREDHEAD – Devil’s Race

Israeli Thrashers SHREDHEAD released their new videoclip, ‘Devil’s Race’.

This is the second video off their second album “Death Is Righteous”. The album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, Aborted, The Haunted, Sick Of It All).

Next November, the band will be hitting the road in Europe to support OVERKILL + CROWBAR with DESECRATOR.

Check the full dates below:

02.11.16 CH Zürich
03.11.16 IT Brescia
04.11.16 IT Pinarella
05.11.16 AU Graz
06.11.16 GER Stuttgart
07.11.16 GER München
08.11.16 GER Frankfurt
09.11.16 GER Köln
10.11.16 GER Erfurt
11.11.16 GER Osnabrück
12.11.16 GER Weissenh. Strand
13.11.16 GER Berlin
14.11.16 PL day off
15.11.16 PL Warsaw
16.11.16 PL Krakow
17.11.16 HU Budapest
18.11.16 AU Vienna

BACKDAWN – I Shall Burn Your Empire

BACKDAWN – I Shall Burn Your Empire (20.04.16) 01BACKDAWN – I Shall Burn Your Empire

French extreme metal quartet BACKDAWN is back with a new album, “I Shall Burn Your Empire”, which is set for release on 20th April.

Recorded and mixed by Clement Decrock of Boss Hog Studio France and mastered by Annihilator’s Jeff Waters at his Watersound Studio, Canada, “I Shall Burn Your Empire” follows the band’s debut album, “Through Extermination” (2013).

Vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Snaeder had this to say on the recording process:

It was a painful and intense session, and I think you can hear it in our production. It took two years of work to write this album and when we knew that Jeff would work on it too, we wanted to produce the best record we could…

 Work is work, when you want to get the best then you have to throw your entire soul and all your energy into it. We did just that, and at the end of the two weeks recording session, we listened to the whole unmixed album and it was already sounding great.”

Our first album was more brutal, direct and aggressive… Keeping what was good, we’ve essentially added more melody to the riffs to get to what we have in I Shall Burn Your Empire.

We decided to create a post-apocalyptic cover with an impressive dark and mystic character. It features the new prophet of a doomed world, reigning in ashes and lost souls. This is partly my vision of the antichrist and in my opinion a personification of the society we’re living in.

RITI OCCULTI announce new release

Italian doomsters RITI OCCULTI announced they will enter the studio in June to record their third full-length “Tetragrammaton”, which will be based on the unspeakable name of God.

According to the band, the sound will be completely renewed for this new kabalistic concept album, featuring the most obscure and esoteric material ever produced by the sect.

“Tetragrammaton”, which is scheduled for an Autumn 2016 release via Nordavind Records, will be officially presented during the Dutch Doom Days festival followed by an European tour with Black Oath.

The artwork will be designed by Italian artist Ignazio Cuga, who created the artwork for the band’s previous record, “Secta”. Check out the artwork below:

RITI OCCULTI announce new release 02

DEATHRIDERS to play at Metal Magic Festival 2016

Californian band DEATHRIDERS will be appearing at Danish festival Metal Magic Festival 2016. This band is lead by Neil Turbin who is known as one of the first powerhouse vocalists of Thrash Metal and ex-vocalist of ANTHRAX.

The band will be performing an entire set based on ANTHRAX’s first album, “Fistful Of Metal”, where Turbin handled the vocal duties.

DEATHRIDERS to play at Metal Magic Festival 2016

Support LELAHELL on their crowdfunding campaign

Algerian metal band LELAHELL has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support their upcoming record. This campaign will be up until May 15th, 2016.

This move follows the footsteps of a growing trend of metal-genre bands and musicians across the globe who are turning to crowdfunding to support the financial burden of equipment, recording and touring. The band consider this the first crowdfunding campaign hosted by an Algerian metal band.

The majority of funds needed are intended to help cover the costs of album artwork, production of the album, production of a music video and band merchandise. In exchange for donating to the campaign, contributors can receive Lelahell merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, stickers, pins and other collateral.

The trio’s new album, “Alif,” is slated as the group’s second full-length album and third release since the band’s formation in 2010. Lelahell are set to record at Hertz Studio in Poland under the guidance of the Wiesławscy brothers.

In Arabic, alif is the first letter in the alphabet, and it is used in Arabic calligraphy to determine the size of the following characters. Lelahell say they chose the title as this album “will be the main musical reference of the next upcoming releases.”

Fans and metal supporters can contribute to the crowdfunding effort by visiting the following site:

LELAHELL starting a crowdfunding campaign 02


SUNLESS SKY shared an official video for the song ‘Subzero’, taken from their debut album, “Firebreather”, released by Pure Steel Records on August 2014.

SUNLESS SKY from Cleveland / Ohio are still somewhat unknown in the music world, but some of its members already had their fair share of stage-time. Frontman Juan Ricardo was active in the 80s/90s with bands like Attaxe and Ritual, while guitarist Harry Hillock played over 15 years ago at Erecto Hector.

KATANA announce European Tour

Swedish Heavy Metal outfit KATANA have announced a tour across Europe that will be taking place next May. They will be supported by BLACKSLASH for the first half of the tour and SEVEN STEPS OF DENIAL for the second half.

KATANA is hitting the road promoting their latest album, “The Greatest Victory”, where they again teamed up with King Diamond guitarist and producer Andy la Rocque to record the album. The whole thing was mixed by Andy la Rocque and mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic.

The Swedes have already toured Europe on several occasions and have played alongside HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and CIVIL WAR.

KATANA announce European Tour