RAPHEUMETS WELL streaming ‘Witch Of Dark Spire’

RAPHEUMETS WELL are streaming their third single ‘Witch of Dark Spire’, which you can listen in the player below.

RAPHEUMETS WELL were formed in 2008, having their first two demos released in 2011 and 2012. Their first self released full length, entitled “Dimensions”, came out in 2014 and told a larger story portrayed in a complex saga of Atai (ancient architects) who aid in the propagation of sentient life throughout the multi-verse.

About the present single, drummer Joshua Ward shared a few comments:

This song is the first great “shift” in the downfalls of the main character in the story.  After being tortured and then remade to fulfill his vengeful mission, he see’s in the distance the dark spire. It was Daasha (the witch), his wife’s trusted friend and counselor to the court that betrayed them.  She exposed Darmak and his family was executed because of it. You can imagine the burning sensation in your gut to have another shot at the person who has done you so wrong. Each riff outlines the emotions and actions that take place in the characters ascent through the dark spire. This song is like the first “boss fight” for us.


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