NOCTURNAL FEELINGS release compilation

As they celebrate their 15th anniversary as a band, Colombian Black Metal band NOCTURNAL FEELINGS is releasing a compilation album, gathering some of the best moments in their career.

The tracks featured in this compilation have been remixed in Sweden and should be released on Downfall Records under the title “Invoking The Ancient Astral Force (Hellhounds Command)”

Check out the cover and tracklist below:

NOCTURNAL FEELINGS release compilation

01. momentum
02. angels´s hunter(the sorcerer)
03. scarlet poison
04. the army of death
05. majestic destiny to god´s creation
06. through the stars
07. camino al inferno
08. the meeting
09. creatures of the night
10. ashes from heaven
11. chrystal throne
12. tropa de destruccion
13. a dark farwell
14. grito ancestral


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