Swedish Death Metal ensemble BLOOD MORTIZED signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 4th album, due to be recorded after the summer and scheduled for a fall release.

You can hear their 2013 album, “The Demon, the Angel, the Disease”, streaming below:

About the band:

Formed back in 2007, BLOOD MORTIZED currently features ex-members from bands like AMON AMARTH, GRAVE & DEMONICAL, as well as current members of JUST BEFORE DAWN. In the past, there were ex-members of CRYPT OF KERBEROS & EXCRUCIATE as well.

The band has been intensively working through their 10 years of existence, releasing 4 demos, one EP and 3 albums where they’ve been developing their Swedish Death Metal style, but twisted through a Bolthrowerish perspective.


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