INCANTATION is back on Relapse Records

Relapse Records announced the re-signing of legendary death metal pioneers INCANTATION! The band first sign with the label back in 1990, releasing some of their best work in the following years, including “Onward to Golgotha” (1992), “Mortal Throne of Nazarene” (1994), “Diabolical Conquest” (1998) or “The Infernal Storm” (2000).

The band is currently recording its upcoming full-length at their own Incantation Studios in Johnstown (PA). The album will be mixed and mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Asphyx, Dark Funeral) and is expected to be completed in February with a release date slated for this comming summer. Upon completing the album, INCANTATION will come to Europe to tour with Morgoth, Darkrise and Omophagia. The band has also been confirmed for this year’s Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic and will announce more dates and festival appearances.

Here’s a few words from John McEntee:

Yes it is true we have returned to Relapse Records. Over the last 8 years we have been working with them on various projects with great results. It’s awesome to start a new chapter of the band going back to our roots and working with the label that believed in us back in 1990 when we were still a demo band. It’s great to work with a label that still believes in us in 2016 and still believes in the perseverance of real death metal.


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