SWR BARROSELAS FEST 2016: more bands added

SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST, the Portuguese legendary annual metal gathering announced six more bands to add to an already heavy line-up: Taake from Norway, Severe Torture from Holand, Incantation from USA, Possession coming from Belgium, Naðra from Iceland and Desalmado all the way from Brazil!

These bands will join such other names as Marduk, Aborted, Violator, Grave, Doom, Archgoat, Conan and many others that will take on both inside stages at the festival’s venue.

You will also be treated with the Portuguese finals for the W:O:A Metal Battles, with the four bands that made it to this point, Kapitalistas Podridão, Mindtaker, Monolyth and Speedemon, playing for a spot at the biggest metal festival of them all, Wacken Open Air.

SWR BARROSELAS FEST 2016 more bands added


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