SANKTUARY new album streaming

SANKTUARY’s latest album, “Winter’s Doom”, is now out as of January 22nd and you can find it streaming on any of their pages on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. The album is also available on CD and for digital download.

Winter’s Doom is a big step up for us and a step our homeland of the frigid North directed us in. The vast emptiness and shear mammoth proportions of this landscape lend a very helpful hand in open palm smacking the creative juices right into you. In this album the songs are faster, heavier and all around more to the tune we have always been drawn to. I’m sure all who listen will agree this is our best offering to date!” Cole Hume (bass)

This template is for a full-size CD Digi Tray Pack (5.5" x 5").4-panel CD Tray PackFinal size: 5.53” x 5” x 0.25“0.125” bleed requiredCMYK offset printing with aqueous varnishCD Digi Tray PackGrandeur final: 5.53” x 5” x 0.25“Fond perdu de 0.125”Procédé offset CMJN avec vernis AQ


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