AKHENATEN Offer Free Download ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’

AKHENATEN is a Middle Eastern black/death metal project created in 2012 by the Houseman brothers as a side hobby to their full time band HELLEBORUS.

With all music arranged by Jerred and vocals done by his brother Wyatt, the duo are offering fans a free download of their track ‘Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu’ from their recently released debut album “Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla” via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy) along with Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia).

As a token of our appreciation regarding the positive feedback surrounding this release, we are offering you all a free download of Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu. Soon we will have shirts available with the accompanying illustrations by Dymond Starr. The artwork is a visual reflection of the track as it depicts Ninurta slaying Anzu.” Wyatt Houseman (vocals)

Download the track here: https://akhenatenmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ninurta-the-fall-of-anzu


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