[video] MACHINERGY paying tribute to The Ramones with ‘I Don’t Care’


The Portuguese thrashers MACHINERGY recently recorded and performed their first ever cover song and decided on paying tribute to the legendary Ramones, choosing the song ‘I Don’t Care’!

Rui Vieira (vocals/guitar) explained on this choice:

The connection with THE RAMONES comes from the time when we started (Rui, Helder and Nuno, current members of MACHINERGY) playing in our first project called MORTALHA. By that time (90/91), my uncle’s father offered me the “It’s Alive” vinyl, purchased at the flea market in Lisbon. I think this album worked for all of us as the true definition of what rock n’ roll is. Of all the songs on this double gatefold vinyl, ‘I Don’t Care’ was the one that stood out and from there until we started playing it was a small step. Looking back, ‘I Don’t Care’ was the very first full song we rehearsed.


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