[news] The new album from THE BUNNY THE BEAR is now streaming at Substream


Described by some as musical schizophrenia, the music from THE BUNNY THE BEAR continues to push deep in several new areas. Their newest album, “A Liar Wrote This”, the sixth in their career, goes all the way from R&B to screamo and Matt “The Bunny” Tybor shared a few comments on the album:

’A Liar Wrote This’ has already taken a very special place in my heart. I am extremely proud of the hard work put in by all involved, especially Haley, my new ‘Bear.’ It was wonderful working with my long-time friend and producer Doug White, and I couldn’t be more confident with the new direction we’ve taken. We didn’t want to shut fans out by doing a 180-degree change, but the vigor Haley brings definitely earns its place on ‘A Liar Wrote This.’

Hear “A Liar Wrote This” @ Substream


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