[video] PRAY FOR LOCUST – Dead Man’s Curse

PRAY FOR LOCUST just released the first video from their latest album “In the Shadow of the Colossus”. The song is called ‘Dead Man’s Curse’ and you can watch it below:

Wulfrune Worxx will release CREPTUM’s “The Age Of Darkness” in Europe

The French label WULFRUNE WORXX will handle the European release of “The Age Of Darkness”, the latest EP from Brazilian black metal band CREPTUM. This will be a very special edition, limited to 66 copies on tape and you can get it straight from the label by emailing them at kommandoskogen@hotmail.com.

You can also stream the songs at their Soundcloud page (here) or get the CD version, just ask for all the details from the band at creptum@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/creptum.


[video] TERRORTORY – City Of Ghosts

‘City Of Ghosts’ is the title-track from TERRORTORY’s second release, an EP following the 2011 debut album “The Seed Left Behind”! Watch the video below:

[video] BLOMST – Ro Deg Ned

BLOMST is a promising punk band coming from Norway and it’s also the Norwegian word for flower, but as the press-release quotes it “Do not let the cute name fool you, as they are wolves in sheep’s clothing”!

Their debut album is released next May 25th, on Name Music & Publishing and this is the video for their second single ‘Ro Deg Ned’

[video] ANTI-FLAG – Brandenburg Gate

A culture indoctrinated with violence will see and fear violence even when there is none. Activism is not a competition. Art doesn’t have to be safe. Revolution doesn’t have to be bloody. Change comes from people, not politicians.

‘Brandenburg Gate’ is the third song from ANTI-FLAG’s new album, “American Spring”, and features a guest vocal from punk legend Tim Armstrong of Rancid! Watch the video in the player below:

[video] TESSERACT – Odyssey/Scala (full set)

Recorded live over 42 nights during the autumn of 2014 throughout Europe and Russia on the Altered State World Tour, “Odyssey/Scala” welcomes back vocalist, Daniel Tompkins and marks TESSERACT‘s first live audio/video concert release.

Watch the full set below:

DE PROFUNDIS signed with Wicker Man Recordings

DE PROFUNDIS have signed a worldwide deal with WICKER MAN RECORDINGS, a new label who is assembling a roster of original and exciting bands and with an excellent distribution throughout all major territories.

The first fruits of this new relationship will begin on the 28th September with the release of the fourth DE PROFUNDIS album, entitled “Kingdom Of The Blind”, featuring ten tracks of progressive, melodic death metal.

De Profundis is excited to release our most brutal and ambitious work to date with Kingdom Of The Blind, and we can’t wait to start working with the guys at Wicker Man. We feel we now have the backing of a really enthusiastic and supportive team, the right people to help take De Profundis to the next level.” Shoi Sem  (guitar)

de profundis