ZOMBI enter the studio and announce Anthology reissue

Progressive instrumental duo ZOMBI have begun recording their sixth full-length and first new album in over four years. The album will be self-produced by the band and recorded at Machine Age Studios in Pittsburgh and Steve Moore Private Studio in New York and will see a release later this year via Relapse Records. The record, which will consist of nine new songs and clock in at over 60 minutes, was heavily inspired by the band touring in 2013 with Italian prog legends Goblin. Their first tour in over six years allowed the duo to play as a band again instead of a collaborative studio project.

The duo shared a few comments on working on new material again:

It’s a rock record – think of it as a follow up to Surface to Air. There are no techno jams or symphonic prog fantasies. No solo track interludes. It’s dark and heavy. Live drums on every song and lots of bass guitar. We have officially moved from “studio project” mode back into “live band” mode.” (Steve Moore)

The last time we sat down together in the same space, just the two of us, along with drums, bass guitar, and a couple synths, was back in 2005.  To be able to do that again was great, and we crafted more than 90% of this album out of pieces we composed together during sessions from the past year.” (A.E. Paterra)

ZOMBI enter the studio and announce Anthology reissue

Relapse Records will also be reissuing ZOMBI’s earliest recordings, “The Zombi Anthology”, this April. Long out-of-print and previously made available by the band themselves (over 10 years ago) in an extremely limited, CD-only run, this is the first time that ZOMBI’s very first recordings will be available in stores.


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