[interview] IMMINENT ATTACK: “Our goal in every show is to entertain the crowd, with both visual and audio elements, we don’t want you to merely listen to our songs, we want to give you a show to remember”

Whether its the enormous energy that this genre provides or the ease in which seriousness and fun go hand in hand in political messages or party songs and positive attitude, there’s something in Crossover that appeals to young and old alike! IMMINENT ATTACK is a fine example of a band that lives well with the duality of emboding the best of hardcore and thrash into a single unit and, in addition, they’ll be playing inside Portuguese borders this year, so we’ll make way for Dinho (vocals) and see what he has to tell us…

imminent attack 05

[GR]: What’s happening boys? Let’s begin by introducing and unveiling the names behind IMMINENT ATTACK!

Dinho: Hello everyone, thank you for getting in touch, we were very honored by this conversation which I’m sure will be the first of many!!! The current line-up consists on: Dinho Guimaraes (cocals), Erick Veles (guitar), Rafael Augusto Lopes (guitar), Ivan Skully (bass) and Andrew A.lien (drums).

This year you celebrate the band’s tenth anniversary! Do you feel the weight of those years on your shoulders? Were those ten years a walk in the park or a painfully difficult decade?

Dinho: Ten years for an independent band is a long time… We had several obstacles on our way, many doors closed in our faces, but that never discouraged us, we always took those kind of things as part of a learning process and it seems we are now reaping the fruits in recent years… The same ones who closed the doors before, now call us to play in their events… But I can answer you with certainty that we still have a difficult career, here in Brazil it’s very hard to make a living from Art, whatever that Art may be.

You released your “Couch Potato” EP, earlier last year, was that your way of celebrating the band’s anniversary or was it something you already had planned?

Dinho: Actually, we wanted to celebrate our 10th year as a band with our first international tour, but that was not possible… The EP kind of took us by surprise, we had won a contest held by Shinigami Records and we were supposed to record some songs to be released in a split with two other bands, however, we thought the songs came out almost too good to just have them on the split and Tauil Entertainment invited us to release them on a 7” vinyl… We couldn’t say no to that invitation, right? Eheheh…

How did the Brazilian underground received the EP? I know that your album, “Deliver Us From Ourselves”, had good reviews and was mentioned several times as one of the best releases at the time. Judging by the feedback you got on the EP, do you feel like you’ve honored that kind of attention?

Dinho: So far everything’s going great, we got many good reviews on the release… But I think the best award we got for it was the fact that it only took a couple of shows to sold out every single copy we had! You can still find some copies around, but only in a few stores…

You also had a few reactions and interest from both fans and press outside Brazil, right? You’ve been able to spread your music and energy around many different places in the world…

Dinho: We are still taking baby steps outside Brazil… We had a few contacts, yes, but nothing really solid. We even sent some things to fans in Europe, USA and Japan, but those were only a few copies. We are talking into releasing our next album through a label in Europe, that way things get a little easy to promote everything in the Old Continent.

I know that you have an European Tour scheduled to 2015! Can you say which countries is it going to cross? Do have any Portuguese dates scheduled?

Dinho: I really must apologize for the time I took to answer this interview, because we were negotiating the whole tour and know we can confirm everything, eheheh… We’ll be landing by the end of April and we’ll play in 7 countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland and Germany! The tour starts in Portugal, however, we still don’t know in which cities we’ll play! Everything is still in our manager’s hands!!

imminent attack 01

What are your expectations for that tour? And goals? What do you want to achieve by crossing the ocean and playing your crossover/thrash to the European crowds?

Dinho: Total anxiety ahah!!! The big goal is to spread our music around to the biggest number of people possible, not to mention that Europe is a cradle for great bands, excellent venues, responsible promotores, etc.! Being able to play there and learn with the Europeans is just awesome for us!!!

Besides the many compliments on your album, your live performances are also frequently mentioned. But, from your point of view, what are your best attributes on stage? What makes you a band to look after and see live?

Dinho: We take our live performances as they were the last ones of our lives, we want everybody at the show to have as much fun as we do! !!!

Let’s talk about the way you sound: why thrash/crossover? What led you to this particular genre? Sao Paulo is known for having a quite strong hardcore scene, did this influenced you in any way?

Dinho: Actually we did not choose this style, it was Crossover that chose us! Since the beginning of Imminent Attack, all members liked different styles of metal, but when we got together, we did this mixture of rhythms that eventually form the sound of the band. I always listen to plenty of punk rock, hardcore and thrash metal, at least in my case as a vocalist this mix influenced a lot. Speaking of Sao Paulo, the Hard Core scene without any doubt works pretty fine, but I can say with all my heart that is in the interior cities of Brazil that things really get on fire! Perhaps it’s because Sao Paulo is such a big city and have shows almost every night which makes the guys from the farther cities go so insane with the shows.

In Thrash, when it comes to the message, we can find both serious and activist approaches as well as a more festive and fun side of the scene. What is the approach you prefer and which one do you seek to include in your songs?

Dinho: For our album, we had both sides. We have songs in there that were written at the beginning of the band when we were a lot more fun, and less responsible, and there are songs that were written a couple of days before starting recordings it made the album to come out with these songs so different from each other…

Which of these two sides we’ll be able to find the next IMMINENT ATTACK album? When will we start hearing about it?

Dinho: This next album is being written with songs addressing various topics, but with a more serious approach than the “Deliver” record. We’ve already started recording and I believe that it will be ready in the first semestre.

And to anyone who want to listen and/or grab a hold of some of your available releases? Where and who should they bribe first? Where to look?

Dinho: We are in almost all the social networks of the Internet, and a simple google search brings you back to us. But we use Facebook more. If you want to purchase anything just send an email to: kabeloduro@gmail.com.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imminentattack
Press office: www. http://metalmedia.com.br/imminentattack
Bandcamp: http://imminentattack.bandcamp.com/

Friends, thank you for your kindness and your time! Anything else you want to add to what has already been said, this is your space!

Dinho: Thank very much for the opportunity to speak to you and to the European public! We look forward to meet you guys soon! Big hug, we’ll see you in 2015!!!!! Long live Gourmet Roadkill!!!! Tks Mammoth Maniax


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