[interview] RUNNING DEATH: “With the first EP we learned how to write good live songs. Whereas the second one is more interesting to listen to”

Over the years, Teutonic thrash-metal grew on followers and fans that will maintain their loyalty throughout the decades! Some albums and bands will remain forever, but we must also pay attention to new names that mean continuity, keeping the flame alive of a genre that more than often is rising and falling! RUNNING DEATH are part of that continuity, here to remind us that with or without trends, there is always good thrash-metal coming from those lands…

# interview - RUNNING DEATH 06

[GRZ]Hi there guys! How’s everything going? Heard you’re heading in to studio, are you pumped about that?

Running Death [RD]: Hey! We’re doing pretty well, thanks! We’re sitting in our rehearsal space. We just played all songs for the upcoming record and couldn’t be happier to go to the studio in 3 days and nail them!

This is going to be your first full-length. What kind of emotions is that bringing up within the band?

[RD]: We are very happy to record this album in this period where the chemistry between us is as well as our writing and playing skills are as good as never before. We are very excited that this is happening.

After ten years in the making, is this going to be RUNNING DEATH’s career highest point or do you have your eyes set on bigger things? What’s the plan after the album is done and out in the streets?

[RD]: We’re always focusing on the current record and do all we can to make it the best we could possibly make. Once that done – we celebrate and do the same again

Some bands prefer to live with their songs for a while before recording them. Watch them grow and fine tune everything before putting them to stone. You finished writing the album in July and the studio sessions start in August! Does that leave you any time to mature the songs?

[RD]: We started writing songs straight after “The Call of Extinction” EP. It is only in July that we finished and are very confident with the songs we want to record. We already played some of them live and they rocked pretty well!

How much of a difference there’ll be between the new album and the last two EP’s (“Raging Nightmare” 2010 and “The Call of Extinction” 2012)? Do you feel you’ve reached a point where you’ve matured together as band?

[RD]: The new songs are in between the “Raging Nightmare” and “The Call of Extinction” – just better. With the first EP we learned how to write good live songs. Where as the second one is more interesting to listen to. We have learned from both and now have songs that are strong in both areas.

When will you think it’ll be out? Your previous releases came out independently; do you think the time has come to finally get a deal with a label? Is it something you think about or do you prefer to stay independent?

[RD]: We really enjoyed writing and releasing both EP’s independently, as that gave us all the creative freedom we needed – especially in that critical phase. Now we want to release through a label and distributor so they help us marketing it and the record is available everywhere.

Good luck and all the best, guys! Hope to ear the new stuff soon!

[RD]: Thank you! Keep up the great work, we`ll sure send you a record when it`s out!


(note: RUNNING DEATH recently signed to Punishment 18 Records! Congrats on them!)


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