[interview] PILE OF CORPSES: “We do not try to restrict ourselves by labels, the idea is to writte fast and aggressive songs, in short, music metalheads can mosh to!”

PILE OF CORPSES is a band from São Paulo (Brazil) with which we crossed path in our inbox some time ago! They have two demos under their belts, since the band first started when we were back in 2001 and it was during the last year that “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol”, their first album came into this world! We took the opportunity to throw them some questions and Alexandre Chefe (bass) was the spokesman for this band that mixes thrash guitar riffs with a death metal attitude…

pile of corpses 05

[GR] Guys, welcome to these humble pages!

PILE OF CORPSES [POC] Thank you for the oportunity, we hope to answer your questions in a way that’s clear for all, despite the small language barrier – we know there are some words with different meanings in our countries… (laughs)

After 13 years as a band, PILE OF CORPSES finally released a full length album! What kind of reactions have you been getting for “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol”? Are you happy with the way things are going with this record?

Yes, very happy! The feedback has been great with the metal crowd and somewhat curious for the non metal public (mainly because track number 1 and because of the lyrics of the first part of the album – laughs). Since the release we’re doing a good number of shows here in Brazil and we’re already planning some shows in other countries around South America.

Why was it necessary to wait all these years for this album? Were the lineup changes the only reason for this or have you been accumulating difficulties over time?

Since the release of our last record, “Santa Claus is Cumming” (2007), we had a serious issue with the band’s line-up. Our first drummer left and we remained for more than three years without finding someone who would fit in the band. That brought us back and it was just a discouraging period. We ended up delaying composition on the album and, after finding that new drummer we needed, he had to learn all the songs before we can start recording again. Incidentally, the drummer who made this album also left the band, he had to move to a city far away from us, but fortunately we managed to secure the position even before the official album release.

The songs recorded in “For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol” were written specifically for this album or were they things that you’ve been playing and testing over the years?

We had the initial idea to do a whole album just talking about sex (laughs). But we had other songs ready with different themes and hence came the idea of breaking the album into two parts, one talking about sex and other more “normal” brutal subjects. But the album reflects the entire story of the band, with unreleased songs and tunes that were in our first release.

You call your music Extreme Polemic Death Metal but when we listen the album, the biggest influence seems to come more from thrash metal, especially in the guitar. Which of the two sides from this scale has more weight among PILE OF CORPSE members?

Actually, the Extreme Polemic moniker does not say much about our musical style or rhythm, but is more related to lyrics and actions that often generate some controversy (laughs). Regarding Death and Thrash, well then, we try to spin the two plates without much worries… Maybe the vocals turn everything more into death’s way while the rest have a very thrashy feel, but do not try to restrict ourselves by the labels, the idea is to writte fast and aggressive songs, in short, music metalheads can mosh to!

I assume, then, that the Polemic part of this designation has more to do with the content of your lyrics. In the world we live in today, do you believe that there are still many of these controversial issues? Have we not trivialized the shock and presented it in harmless doses?

Your right, in these days it’s very difficult to get to shock somebody with lyrics or even music. But amazingly we had problems with the release, because the factory that would make the CD itself didn’t accept the first version (which came with a picture of a vagina printed on the CD – laughs) and we had to make a second version with the CD all printed black. Additionally we got some reviews mentioning that the intro is too much explicit! Incredibly, the review came from a metal site!

pile of corpses 03

PILE OF CORPSES don’t seem to be a band with political leanings, but you make a point of stating that you’re not a Nazi band or have any White Power trends! Why the need to make this statement? Have you gone through a situation where you’ve had the need to justify yourselves?

Luckily it never happened, maybe because we’ve made that clear, ever since the beginning of the band. The idea to have a clear warning emerged when we released our first demo, “Hail War”! A band called PILE OF CORPSES with a release called “Hail War” and a song with the same name could lead people to think that we had those kind of ideas… It costs us nothing to make that point clear.

Your previous EP’s allowed you to play in many different places, even outside Brazil! Now, with this latest record, do you expect to repeat the experience? How was it for you guys, at that moment, be able to showcase your music to an audience other than Brazilians?

[POC] Yes we had the pleasure of playing in Argentina. It was great to meet the metal scene from another country and we’ll definitely try to keep this routine. We are scheduling dates in other countries in Latin America and also other capitals in Brazil itself, which is massive! When you go out of Sao Paulo to play in Bahia, for example, it’s a totally different crowd and we want to get there as well…

In recent years, many Brazilian underground bands have crossed the ocean to do some touring in Europe. Is this possibility included in your horizon? Some festivals or even some headlining dates?

Sure, we thought a lot on an European tour, who knows, maybe in 2015/2016! But we need to plan this very well, because all the band members have “normal” jobs, since it’s not possible to make a living out of underground metal around here, so we would all need to combine vacation time to make it like a holiday trip… But this is a clear goal we all have: spend a month out there playing and drinking!!!

Once this records runs out of its lifetime, what’s the next move? Where do PILE OF CORPSES’ needles point in the near future?

We already have new songs in mind for a new album, actually, we already have the name of that album (laughs). Since we took so long to release the first one, the idea is to make the next one as soon as possible!

Friends, thank you so much for your time! The final words are all yours:

We thank you for this opportunity! We invite all who have become interested in the band to know a more about PILE OF CORPSES on our facebook page (fb.com/bandpoc), where you can listen our first two EP’s in full and also at soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/metalmedia/pile-of -corpses-the-hymen) where ‘Collector Hymen’ from the new album is streaming! And, of course, those who want can contact us at our email (pileofcorpses@gmail.com) and we sent the album!


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