[review] LORD OF PAGATHORN – Nekros Philia (2014)

# LORD OF PAGATHORN - Nekros Philia (2014)

Nekros Philia
(Woodcut Records / 2014)

Twenty-two years after its formation, the Finns LORD OF PAGATHORN finally arrive to the always desired debut album! Not that the band has been sitting comfortably, waiting for his music and philosophy to get the the attention of someone and then to materialize all this in a full-length record. Over all these years, the band has been releasing some demos that have left their mark for some and passed alongside many. The years 1993, 1994 and 2010 saw the release of these recordings and in 2012 came “Shine Through My Scars, Morning Star!”, a two songs EP that preceded the release of this album.

Judging by the way how their songs are presented, “Nekros Philia” plays almost like a concept album, divided into several chapters, nearly all of them played with an aggressiveness and anger that transpires with every new song. Until we get to ‘Chapter VII pt.1 The Awakening’, we get the impression that LORD OF PAGATHORN only feel comfortable if their music is fast and sweating black metal from every pore! Of course, there are some moments here and there where different speeds punctuate, but the norm is not having to wait for anyone and attack the delivery poignantly. The interludes allow us a little breathing.

As we hear “Nekros Philia” it reveals itself as a solid record. It may not be a revolutionary entry, since it remains within the usual black metal standards but, even contained within this universe, the songs are robust and the band plays them strongly and they even offer some moments that linger after once the record is finished.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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