[review] KREYSKULL – Tower Witch (2014)

# KREYSKULL - Tower Witch (2014)

Tower Witch
(Inverse Records / 2014)

When a band presents his influences and we notice that they come from the altars of such sacred names as Black Sabbath, Pentagram or Trouble, we can not avoid some concern over the end result. It is necessary that a number of factors are able to align positively, because we are talking about pillars of an entire genre. This is a major challenge that will always be placed in front of the Finns KREYSKULL. How to build and present a back catalog that can please the fans of the bands mentioned initially?

KREYSKULL seem to have the perfect idea of all these variables and with this second album they bring the world of heavy rock a new batch of songs which we have no trouble in associating periods and classic styles of the bands in which they get inspired. However, the added value of the Finns, one that allows them to escape the strings of easy emulation and cheap tribute, is the fact that they can include some passages closer to jazz structures through-out the strong riffs and choruses that stay within your ears. It becomes an obvious attempt to improve the experience of each song, adding pieces that will keep things alive and interesting. I’m not talking about heavy rock experimentalists, but songs that work seamlessly with these associations, as it happens with the case of ‘Abomination Jungle’.

“Tower Witch” visits all these references, between Sabbath’s heavy rock and the blues rock of Hendrix, the more jazzy passages and some good hooks that are thrown in the way, just to remind us what we’re doing here, as songs like ‘The Man Who Lived Before ” or ” Absolute Evil Blues’ keep playing on. Good music is still out there and we are here to enjoy it.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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