[review] CANNIBAL ACCIDENT – Lennu EP (2013)


Lennu EP
(Nailjar Records / 2013)

Yes, I know I’m writing this as we stride to the end of this year and that this EP was released last summer. I also know that CANNIBAL ACCIDENT, meanwhile, even released two EP’s and a split with fellow countrymen Inferia. The internet connection here at home is very good, I can see all that. But at this moment, “Lennu” is the record I have in my hands, so in these few lines that’s what I’m going to talk about.

When your eyes pass by the biographical résumé of these Finns, we can not but agree with one of the statements made, one that, in a way, helped this band to rise from the ground, “if the mosh parts of your songs are good then they will be memorable!” Where did this piece of extreme wisdom came from? The fact that there are many grindcore bands out in this scene whose main concern is to achieve the extreme heights, with little regard to the groove and the “delicious mosh parts,” as said by our friends! It was this omission that led to the birth of CANNIBAL ACCIDENT!

The question is whether, judging only by the meager eight minutes of this release 2013, and without the rest of their discography around me, you could sign the seal of approval. In these six songs, with the usual titles and themes traditional to the genre (‘Orgiastic Hypothermia’ or ‘Chili Con Carnage’, for example), it seems to me that we have a successful operation! Now if you’ll excuse me, let me go try and find the other EPs who came out after this one…

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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