[review] BLACK VEIL BRIDES – Black Veil Brides (2014)

# BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Black Veil Brides (2014)

Black Veil Brides
(Spinefarm Records / 2014)

There is no accurate formula to explain the passions that music can cause in each one of us. And, when we speak of passion, we can also refer to small hatreds, small irritations that often, chase and spread to all of those around us. In the midst of all this, its often reason that get left behind and when we look at things with a purely critical view, far from exaggerated passions or opinions based on mere prejudice, we come to the fact that we are not paying proper attention to what’s really important.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES is a case that has a bit of everything mentioned above. I’m not sure what was the reason that led to many heavy music fans to have ostracized this band, making it a true standard representation of all that was wrong with the universe of current heavy music. Maybe it was the construction of an image that many seemed a little too much pushed to the limits and wanting to make use of a legacy that did not belong to them and that may have offended many. But little or nothing has emerged in this compendium of criticism, for the music that the Hollywood band was making. I confess that I too was being led by such arguments and never wanted to pay them that close attention.

However, the reality and the facts provide a different ground on which we can base our approach to the American band and in this case, their latest album, “Black Veil Brides”! In fact, the musical structure of this band has always been present, with its foundations based on the tentatively balanced mix of what is known as American rock, the right doses of metal and even some hardcore added to the mix! The alleged claims to third party thrones were never on the table and the band went on his way until they got to this album, one of the most aggressive of their career, so they say.

For those who are willing to put aside their own prejudice, typical of those who can not hear beyond the box boundaries in which they are closed, and want to find a solid rock album, all the other nuances found are like extra points accumulated along the way! The choruses are memorable, as you would expect, but there are also moments of great guitar work (‘Heart of Fire’), enough groove to keep things on a constant roll and even some notes to the thrash metal sound, as it happens in ‘Faithless’, ‘Last Rites’ or’ Stolen Omen ‘! There are also some slower and radio-friendly songs, such as ‘Goodbye Agony’ and ‘Walk Away’, but that doesn’t pinch the intention to make this record a step up in weight and body! As far as I’m concerned, there are sufficient reasons to look at BLACK VEIL BRIDES with a much more accurate clinical eye. And to just start digging their songs.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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