[video] NUESTRO ODIO – alma corrompida


NUESTRO ODIO released a video for the first single out of their new album, “Terra de Santa Cruz”! The chosen song is called ‘Alma Corrompida’ and the album will be out next year! In the meantime, you can check out the new video and read a few words Leo Ronqui (vocals) had to share about the song and the video he directed himself:

Any atrocity takes an almost tangible form of hatred and feelings of inadequacy when it happens to you or a loved one. It’s very different to watch a cruel scene in movies, videos on the Internet and even in TV, than witnessing or even experience something like that… The fact is that everything changes when you feel something like that on your own skin… This is just the first single from our new album “Terra de Santa Cruz” and certainly the first topic to be addressed. In my view, art in any of its forms has the role to face all that brings discomfort in life. Art should not imitate reality, but change it.


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