PINKISH BLACK sign to Relapse Records

pinkish black

Relapse Records recently announced the signing of Forth Worth, TX post-everything duo PINKISH BLACK.

Originally formed in 2010 as THE GREAT TYRANT, a three piece that released one LP posthumously following the tragic passing of their bass player, Tommy Atkins, remaining members Jon Teague (drums/synths) and Daron Beck (vocals/synths/keyboards) set out to redefine current conceptions of heavy music with a forward-thinking yet unorthodox, synth-driven approach. When Atkins died, the band progressed their sound even further and changed their name to PINKISH BLACK in 2012. They have since released two critically acclaimed full-lengths with Handmade Birds (2012’s “Pinkish Black”) and Century Media (2013’s “Razed to the Ground”).

Having spent the last two years touring and playing shows with the likes of Kylesa, Corrections House, Floor, Sub Rosa, Goblin, Pallbearer and many others, the duo is now preparing their third full-length and will enter Echo Lab studios in Argyle, TX next February.

The band commented on signing to Relapse:

We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with Relapse. With such a legendary and diverse roster, we know that we are in good company. The diversity of the label is quite a relief, as our music does not easily fit into any one genre. Working with folks who understand that will be refreshing.

Relapse will also release the final works by their original group, THE GREAT TYRANT, entitled “The Trouble With Being Born” in early 2015.


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