ATLAS LOSING GRIP announced new tour, new singer and first single from upcoming LP/CD

[news] ATLAS LOSING GRIP announced new tour, new singer and first single 01

Sweden’s ATLAS LOSING GRIP have made a series of announcements in the last few weeks, regarding their upcoming European tour, the addition of a new singer, and the premiere of the first single off the album! Here’s the official statement from the band:

We are very happy to announce the first tour dates of our “Currents World Tour”. The first leg is a 10 day tour through northern mainland Europe and the second one in February takes us further south, as we work our way through Europe to end up south of the Alps before we head back home. Don’t worry, we have lots of other areas to cover before this year is over! Coast to coast and land to land.

Except for the tour, we have another announcement to make.

Rodrigo is no longer a part of ALG since a couple of weeks back. We decided to part ways after long discussions back and forth about touring schedules, commitment and the fact that we see the band differently and live different lives, which determines how much one can be on tour or not. We will not make a big fuss out of this.

It has been a great couple of years with Rodrigo in the band, the best years for the band so far, and we thank him for his contributions, dedication and talent. But there is no stopping us, so we look to the horizon for future adventures, and don’t be afraid, the magic and unstoppable machinery that is ALG will continue – not only like before, but in a higher gear with the release of “Currents”, our biggest and most majestic album to date.

Now we are proud to announce that ATLAS LOSING GRIP have found a new singer with a great voice and true passion for what we do. He will fit perfectly for our music. His name is Niklas Olsson and you can hear his voice on this short video clip for “Sinking Ship”.

Finally, here’s a lyric video for the first single, ‘Cynosure’, taken from “Currents”! The LPs/CDs that will be up for preorder soon will feature original vocalist Rodrigo’s vocals, but this version of ‘Cynosure’ features the band’s new singer, Niklas, as the band wanted to show their fans what he’s capable of:

[news] ATLAS LOSING GRIP announced new tour, new singer and first single 02


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