[review] SAILLE – Eldritch (2014)

# SAILLE - Eldritch (2014)

(Code666 Records / 2014)

This is a band that just recently came into my radar, maybe a few months before the release of their third album, “Eldritch”, the one I’m listening now and devoting my thoughtful attention and admiration. Yes, I’m going head first on this one and within the first few lines I’m already giving away my game, since I’m sure this is an album that fully deserves everyone’s close attention. That is, if you’re an open minded person and you can appreciate your daily dose of corpse-paint free black metal with an occasional side of clean voices, strings and other unusual musical phrases for a band claiming to walk the black metal path.

SAILLE is the kind of band who isn’t afraid of taking risks if they feel there’s a step forward to be taken there, in favor of musical growth and depth. They can blast their way out of a darkened thunderstorm of mystical dimensions and they can also use the melody that better suit their imagination and lyrical themes, in this particular case, the world and myth of horror literature present and past. “Eldritch” is a concept album and its nine songs, clocking little under the hour, present a suitable soundtrack for every movement or chapter, if you will. Grandiose and epic at times; fast, furious and wrathful in between!

“Eldritch” is an album that can marvel and pierce at the same time. There is a constant sense of duality between Beast and Beauty that perfectly fits the whole lyrical purpose of the songs and the musical balance that seems to keep the whole ship moving forward, crossing the misty waters where black metal guitar melodies can entwine with eerie strings and ghostly voices and sound as if you’re watching an operatic performance of metal myths and legends.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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