[review] PARTY CANNON – Partied in Half (2014)

# PARTY CANNON - Partied in Half [2014]

Partied in Half
(Gore House Productions / 2014)

For those of you not aware, PARTY KANNON was brought to live by some party seeking Scottish folks, at the time playing around in such bands as Iniquitous Savagery and Laceration! Everything started back in 2010 and “Partied in Half” is their latest offering! Not quite an entry of fresh material, but Gore House Productions did well and this is a solid reissue of the EP released last year through Autopsy Records with an added bonus consisting on the songs that came out in the “Party Promo” demo (2012).

What kind of treats do PARTY KANNON has to offer then, you ask? Well, besides sponsoring one of the most non-metal logos in the history of non-metal logos of all time (it’s part of the joke, I get it) and a couple of song titles that made me smile (‘Duct Taped to a Flag Pole’ and ‘Tyronne, You Put That Sugar Down’), the Scotts are all about the slamming death metal thing, with some of that gore flavor to spice things up a little! Sometimes fast, sometimes even faster and a whole lot of slowing everything down to a super heavy stomp! The works!

This really doesn’t goes well with my bad back and certainly doesn’t help my libido, but I know that if you’re a slam fan it’s going to do wonders to your neck and ears!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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