[review] FOUL BODY AUTOPSY – So Close to Dehumanization [2014]

# FOUL BODY AUTOPSY - So Close to Dehumanization (2014)

So Close to Dehumanization
(Grindscene Records / 2014)

With a name and logo as FOUL BODY AUTOPSY there was almost no contest as to what kind of music should this one-man-band from Leicester would sound like! The idea was further reinforced when a quick research told me there was a Necrophagist influence also in there and that this was one of the more recent signings at a label called Grindscene Records! So, I guess the introductions have been made right from the start! As they always should…

“So Close to Dehumanization” is the latest released from FOUL BODY AUTOPSY and I’m guessing this should be the EP that precedes a full album to come out, maybe next year, on the new label. This two song EP is the only 2014 release for this project and it’s the first one featured on Grindscene Records! Two tracks that showcase the full armory delivered by FOUL BODY AUTOPSY, the Progressive Blackened Vegan One Man Melodic Death Metal style, in his own words!

Honestly, I was expecting a more brutal death metal, slam kind of thing, but I’m glad I got these two tracks instead! They’re way more interesting and layered than most of the things similar one man projects have been producing in recent time! Maybe it’s the black metal influence in these songs, and the melody they’ve brought to the table, but they sound interesting and fresh! Would like to hear more than these two!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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